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Makeup tips that are ideal for oily skin

And to add to the issue, having oily skin also increases your chances of getting acne, which is the cherry on top to all of your skin troubles.
Because of this, buying makeup meant for oily skin is a hassle, and often it seems better not to get it in the first place or else your shiny complexion will seem to worsen. You need to look for products that will absorb the excess oil without clogging your pores and will help your skin look and get better rather than worsen it.

oily skin

Oily skin- always an issue.

As a help, here at the Aanya we give you some well thought of advice for applying makeup with oily skin, so you can be fabulous no matter the shine:

Prime Your Skin

Having oily skin makes it a struggle for your makeup to stay put. To help, use a primer to help your makeup last longer. First, wash your face first with a gel face wash. Then, using an oil-free, anti-shine primer, concentrate the application on the oiliest areas such as the forehead, nose, and chin. This will go on before applying the rest of your makeup.

Prepare Your Eyes

To avoid your eye makeup from creasing, use a primer specifically designed for eyelids. Make sure it’s designed like your regular primer, anti-shine and oil-free so you can create the ideal space for applying eyeshadow and eyeliner while the primer absorbs any oils that can cause creases during the day.

eye primer

Using eye primer will help your eye makeup stay put.

Use Blotting Papers

It doesn’t matter how great your makeup is in the morning, with oily skin you will eventually start having that annoying shiny reflection on your face. Take blotting sheets with you to aid the problem by pressing the paper on the areas where your skin is mostly oily and then roll it off your skin. It will lift the excess oil without ruining your makeup.

Oil-Free Makeup

When out buying makeup, especially when it comes to foundation and blush, get ones that are oil-free and noncomedogenic, which means that it won’t clog your pores. Getting eye products that are waterproof, water-resistant, or for long-wear will prevent it from getting smudged or smeared on your face.

oil-free makeup

Using oil-free makeup will help reduce the shin eon your skin.

Also, get face cleansers and toners that have glycolic acids and salicylic acid which reduce the excess oil on your skin for even better makeup results.

Soft Skin For Your Face

Instead of using heavy moisturizers, opt for lighter moisturizers that hydrate your skin without being greasy. You can even use a serum as a substitute since it has the same function as a moisturizer without creating more oil. You should also use sunscreen that has an oil-free formula and simply remove any excess of it with a tissue flat on your face before beginning to apply makeup.
Oily skin does not have to mean carrying a greasy complexion that brightens up your face unnecessarily. There are alternatives to dealing with oily skin with makeup. Use these bits of advice and you’ll soon be able to create an awesome masterpiece with your makeup and show of your natural glamour.

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