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Who are we?

Your health is your greatest asset, do not waste it by worrying and stressing on the things that don’t matter

An environment that makes you smile and keep your body in a state of calmness and happiness

In today’s busy world, everybody is looking for peace of mind and want to live a healthy life. At Aanya Wellness, we are committed to providing services that promote health and well-being through physical, psychological, and spiritual activities. In India, the wellness tourism industry thrives majorly on the key segments like Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and rejuvenation amongst others.

We offer holistic wellness programs that benefit everyone. Coupled with a large number of hotels, diet clinics, hospitals, yoga ashrams, salons, resorts, etc. Aanya Wellness has set a benchmark in the wellness industry. Experience the freshness in your life with our international tourism services. Our wellness programs are practiced at breath-taking exotic locations across India including Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kausani, Faridabad, Noida and Delhi.

What do we do?

Choose Aanya and get extraordinary health rewards

  • We offer wellness programs to various industries and organizations. Our Wellness program is designed to bring excitement in you that has been lost due to increased stress. Experience the luxury, traditional and rewarding wellness programs at this land of diverse culture called India.

  • Programs that attract. Our Rejuvenation program is aimed at restoring the spirit of the body by eliminating toxins through traditional cleansing treatments and by enhancing the body’s immunity through the combination of Ayurvedic treatments and yoga sessions.

  • Enjoy the blessings of nature. Naturopathy is based on the principle of healing naturally by utilizing natural factors such as diet, exercise, and relaxation, fresh air, and hydrotherapy. Our association with various hospitals and ashrams provides naturopathic treatments to​ the clients that allow you them to heal in a natural environment.

  • Postures that prevent problems. Learn ancient techniques to live healthy and younger. It is believed that yoga originated from India and regularly practicing yogic exercises can make your mind, body, and spirit healthy and vital. At our naturopathy centers you can treat your body to holistic yoga and Ayurveda programs in a serene environment.

  • Glow Naturally. Our association with salons, spa centers, and diet clinics in different parts of India provides services that help you to grow naturally. Our efficient diet plans help you to supply essential minerals and nutrients to your body and help you to gain or lose weight. Ayurvedic beauty treatments, massages, therapies, and spa services help you to look radiant and dazzling.

What is International Wellness Tourism?

A tour that transforms you

International wellness tourism is a travel that is done for the purpose of improving and maintaining health by involving in physical, mental and spiritual activities. As most people have started valuing healthy food, fitness, and a mind-body balance, the wellness tourism industry is expected to grow further. There are a galore of hotels, resorts, hospitals, ashrams, clinics, etc. that offer wellness programs to both the natives as well as foreign travelers to keep them in a state of physical and mental well being.

At Aanya Wellness, we provide a wide range of services that lead you on a path of the overall transformation.

For Booking a Program

STEP 1- Browse and select the programs from our extensive list of centres.
STEP 2- If you are having any difficulty in choosing the right program then worry not, call us and
STEP 3- we will help you to choose programs with the best prices and locations.
STEP 4- Pay and confirm your availability on the decided date to experience the beauty of nature.

Family Wellness Camp

Healthy family, happy family

In this world, whatever a person does he does it for his family. Family is an integral part of our life and we all want our families to remain happy and healthy. Aanya Wellness is focused on providing the best wellness programs to keep your family healthy. We offer experiences that are not just enjoyable, but also environmentally aware and culturally rich.

Our guests have access to an authentic Ayurvedic center that offers a range of herbal massages and relaxing therapies aimed to restore one to a state of well-being. Our programs are designed by our wellness experts to introduce all members of the family to good lifestyle choices in a fun and relaxed environment.


Programs that attract

Spa offers you a valuable “me time” and helps your body to relax and experience the wonders of this activity. Our recuperative collection of splendid treatments including daily massages, body polishes, and holistic therapies, will keep your stress away and give you a visible transformation.

Spa helps you to fight free radicals damage and you can also enjoy the organic nutrition from our exclusive spa cuisine. This facility will provide your body with all that it needs to regenerate and heal. Book your package at India’s best spa resorts for rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit.

Why us?

Services that help you grow and glow from inside

Land of wisdom

We are extremely proud of the fact that India is a repository of all ancient art of knowledge & wisdom. We are focused on providing all relevant information to the forefront with the help of technology.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

We offer a wide range of services to help you heal naturally. We offer ayurvedic treatments, natural beauty treatments, diet plans, yogic exercises, and many other services to bring the energy back in you.

Best prices

We charge for the quality and not quantity. We offer world-class services to make you feel happy and healthy at the best prices.


We offer our services at India’s most renowned and beautiful cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Kausani.

Aanya Wellness

At Aanya, Wellness, we are offering the hidden treasures of Ayurveda to the global citizens. Our objective is to bring together Wellness enthusiasts and locations in one platform in an easy and significant way.


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