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Over 80% of corporate employees are suffering from one or the other form of sedentary lifestyle issues. We might have long stressful working hours to blame, but what if we made them more engaging in a manner that enhances an employees’ efficacy? Well-structured corporate wellness programs, have proven to recoup 3 dollars for every dollar invested in an employee. Our programs, are easy to follow yet highly effective in nature, and are designed to promote a cognitive and cohesive work culture.

Improving employee health through wellness

Employees are drained after work

The Sedentary lifestyle issue

On average a corporate employee spends over 9 hours/day at the job, and approximately 3 hours/day in getting ready for the office, which at the end leaves him/her with no or very less time to look after his/her wellness. Productivity at workplace is in direct proportion to the well-being of an employee. Implementing wellbeing measures at workplace goes a long way in not only giving off-the charts productivity rise, but also in building up loyalty and employee engagement within the organisation.

Our programs

Customised programs

Our experts brainstorm with you to understand the core need of your organisation and build a wellness program accordingly.

Incentives & Rewards

Evolve to an invigorating means of rewarding the efforts of your team members; incentivise them to enhance their well-being.

Monthly Newsletters

Start small, and make it big. Our monthly newsletters are articulated to inspire sustainable efforts of wellness and increase work productivity.

Corporate Discounts

Each of our corporate partners’ employees get to enjoy whooping discounts at our partnered centres across India and digital programs.

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Aanya for employee wellness

Aanya Wellness:
Your wellness is our responsibility

Aanya Wellness is an abode for all the wellness enthusiasts. With a strongly knit nexus of wellness centres across India, our aim is to help improve employee wellness for our partners and help them grow beyond their targets, through our various corporate wellness programs, which include:

  • Diet consultation
  • Anxiety and stress management coaching
  • Natural Healing and alternative therapies
  • Yoga and Meditation classes
  • Digital webinars and off-site events

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