Healthy gifting ideas for Diwali!

The biggest festival of India, Diwali is a time to celebrate, share joys and gifts with near & dear ones. We pray for prosperity and good health as we rejoice the festivities. This is also the time when you make endless shopping trips, collecting sweets and gifts for your family or friends. Little do we realize that those sweets do more harm than good, and prosperity takes a U-Turn.
This Diwali, let’s pledge to gift something healthy for the sake of wellness. Let’s gift goodness that brings good health and show them you care. Here are few healthy Diwali gifting ideas.

Skin and personal care hampers

Battling the toxic gases and daily pollution, we all need a break, don’t we? Pamper your loved ones on this festival with gorgeous gift hampers for skin and personal care. Safe on skin, no toxins, and beautifully packaged, these products make the healthiest gifs. 

Detox juice or natural juice packs

No, we ain’t talking about the artificial fruit juices which have nothing but sugar and preservatives. Gift a touch of good health with cold-pressed juices. They are 100% raw, have no added color or additives which make them safe and healthy. Choose from detox, morning energy, weight loss and a variety of packs here.  

Dry fruits gift set

Gifting dry fruits has been a part of Diwali tradition since ages. The simple reason is dry fruits are healthy and there is no better way to wish good health to the ones who matter to you the most. You can mix and match among combinations of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and raisins. Suggested to stay away from the chocolate coated or sweetened dry fruits which are high in calories. Shop for a huge variety of dry fruits gift sets here


Good health is not limited to physical fitness. Mental health also counts, no? Why not gift books and stationery this Diwali and be unique. Everyone has a favorite author or genre. Doesn’t take long to ask, right? Books and stationery count as most humble thought oriented and mind you, eco-friendly gifts. Hurry, buy from here

Organic makeup products

We believe that makeup or cosmetics without harsh chemicals make excellent gifts for Diwali. This would result in healthy skin glowing with radiance. Why not try Herbal Makeup or Organic Makeup products that are quite popular these days? These claim to have no toxins, not tested on animals and 100% organic. Ready gift packs are available for most of the brands.

Tea treats

Indians cannot express enough their love for tea. India’s official favorite drink happens to be tea which has taken many forms now. One can find a huge variety of tea like detox, herbal, green, normal, Ayurveda tea and so on. This festival is the right time to gift tea packs and add the warmth of love, happiness, and good health.

Fitness equipment

Good health comes with eating well and working out. Give a push to all your lazy friends who complain about no time to exercise or lack of fitness equipment. How about a yoga mat, dumbbells, or maybe basketball as a gift? Show them some love and buy the best sports/fitness items here.

Fresh fruit bouquet

Easily available in the market, a fruit basket or bouquet as a gift will show how compassionate you are for others’ health. If you can buy fruits during wedding seasons then why not on Diwali? Either buy a ready-made fruit basket or customize it on your own at home. All you would need is a basket, colored cellophane paper and fresh colorful fruits.   

Spa package

Send your loved one for a rejuvenating spa experience this festival. Let them detox, relax and feel at ease. Gift special spa packages to your dear ones to make a healthy difference in their lives. These are easily available online and have the flexibility of time, so that they can be availed any time as per the user’s convenience.

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