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Navigating Remote Work Anxiety: Corporate Wellness Solutions

Anxiety, corporate wellness

Corporate wellness program and work from home brings challenges to the well-being of employees. These are tough times. These are anxious times. And these times could be the new normal for a long time. That’s the not-so-good news. The best news is that there are ways to deal with your coronavirus anxiety while working from home. These are challenging times, to put it lightly. From individuals to humanity as a whole, the spread of COVID-19 is affecting all levels of society in ways we have never seen before.

Some suggestions you can follow to overcome anxiety

Stress & Anxiety is an ignorant state, it takes effort to overcome it.

Take media breaks

It is important to stay informed on the latest news about COVID-19. And it’s important to know the proper social distancing, storage, and disinfection measures to take. But you don’t need to update your newsfeed every five minutes. Doing so will only increase your anxiety and you will not be able to work.

Jazz it up

Music can do wonders for your anxiety level. A recent study found that certain songs reduced listeners’ anxiety by 75 per cent. Certain melodies and rhythms can significantly calm your nervous system, rapidly lowering your stress and anxiety levels. Since taste in music varies, as does the type of work we all do, try various types of music to see which one works best for you – which one calms you down, relaxes you, and makes you more productive.

Follow your breath

If you haven’t used the mindfulness app yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Headspace, for example, has several excellent guided meditations for all levels of experience and all types of problems. Doing meditation daily really helps you to overcome stress and anxiety. Corporate wellness program also promotes yoga to reduce anxiety.

Being at home has its its own advantages – you get to be with yourself more.

Corporate Wellness Program challenges

However, working from home creates several new challenges. Protecting the physical and mental health of your employees is the most important thing for an organization. Some companies will frame this in the language of work productivity, but it’s bigger than that. These are your friends and colleagues, after all.

If you make a mistake, your staff will quickly tire of remote work. To avoid this, we want to share with you proven idea about employee wellness for workers which is subsidize healthy activities.

Healthy activities are different for different people. Not everyone wants to do yoga in their living room, for this reason, offering employees an annual wellness bonus for anything that has to do with promoting their health is a great way to address a multitude of needs. People can choose to use this allowance for gym memberships, meditation apps, and even for learning a foreign language.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Placing employee well being important will not only lower your turnover rates, it will save you millions of money. Your employees are your backbone and supporting them at all times will show that the organization has a great company culture. While in theory, we can talk about employee wellness all day, implementing it is practically up to the leaders. Corporate wellness program helps to plan it wisely so that it is beneficial to everyone in the organization. Also employees investing their time in preventive healthcare can also help them in their day-to-day working life. Its time that we give our body the time and holistic care it deserves. And here Aanya Wellness comes to the picture. By a booking a simple preventive consultation session can not only benefit your personal life but one’s working life as well.

  1. Do you offer unique workshops ?

    While wellness programs have the most impact when they are a regular part of life at work, we have a lot of amazing clients who are working on small wellness budgets, or who already have an incredible wellness program that they need to supplement. Contact us by email or phone to request more information or to schedule a class on yoga.

  2. What kind of classes do you offer ?

    Explore our member workshop options here and our training here. Have an idea – amazing. Let us know! We are constantly increasing our offers. And we you like you all to share your ideas and opinion with us. Every opinion matters.

  3. Does working from home really help?

    Working from home not only helps individuals to stay close to your family and friends but it also helps us to stay calm in such a time. Work from home has increased employees productivity and they feel more comfortable.

  4. How corporate wellness helps employees?

    Corporate wellness program helps employee to increase their efficiency and also helps them to maintain a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

  5. Don’t you get lonely while working from home ?

    Sometimes working from home can make you feel a little alone for which wellness programs helps to understand the need of employee and they provide them with creative activities which later on keeps them engaging.

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