3 great tips for matching your makeup to your outfit via personalized healthcare

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Hair, makeup, and outfit it should all look just right before stepping out, but wait. Ever been told, you went too overboard or too less according to your outfit, and don’t know when to stop? Then read these personalized healthcare tips to help you out the next time. 

Stick to one color scheme

You might’ve seen that palettes have a color scheme, and most palettes are sold that way to give you the perfect contrast. And it’s better to keep it that way, don’t try and mix different colors from different palettes. Know what colors can mix well and which don’t. And don’t go overboard with trying to perfect everything in one shade.


Try to stick to one color scheme.


Don’t aim to match everything

Matching everything isn’t a good idea at all. You will end up looking like a clown. Never aim to match your makeup with your outfit, like wearing blue eyeshadow with a blue dress. It just looks really weird. You can have a color contrast or some sort of scheme to it, but unless otherwise, don’t ever try and match your face to the outfit.

Know your face requirements

Under personalized healthcare, know what looks great on your face, what type of makeup suits you best. The shape of your face may have certain looks that you can pull of like a star. So go for the ones, best for your type, and matching makeup to the outfit isn’t really a really such a tough thing. You just need the right tones. And try to match tones, not shades altogether. Like if you’re going for a dark look, just highlight one feature, and not all of your face.

Know your face type and its requirements.

Lipstick all the way

Whatever may be the shade, lipsticks always make a statement. It’s important to plan outfits according to your makeup complexion too. If you’re wearing bold colored outfits, stick to neutral lips, and go the other way around if your outfit is basic.

Fall in love with eyeshadow palette

Never, I repeat never fall into this trap, matching eyeshadows to the outfit is a told scam, don’t believe it. Stick to golden, beige when wearing dark bold colors, and if you’re wearing something neutral create that smokey eye.

Some beautiful colors to sparkle your day.

Blush is everything you need

Similarly under personalized healthcare, blush shouldn’t directly match your outfit. Match your blush to your skin tone. It always works perfectly when you do so. And think no more. This is a lifesaver.

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  1. Are you supposed to match your eyeshadow with your clothes?

    You don’t have to match your eyeshadow to your outfit. In fact, if you do exact color matching with, say, a shirt, it can be a little over the top.

  2. Should eyeliner match clothes?

    As for color you probably wouldn’t want to match it to your dress, unless you are wearing black, gray or neutrals in which case that would be perfectly fine to match your eye makeup since those colors are basics anyway.

  3. How do you know what color eyeshadow to wear?

    People who do not have cool or warm undertones are said to have neutral undertones. When it comes to picking eyeshadows according to skin tones, you can go with palettes that emphasize your undertone. 

  4. Why does costume and makeup go together?

    Costumes and makeup give the audience insight into a character. Depending upon the role, the costumes and makeup may reveal truths or hide secrets. 

  5. Does blush pink look good on everyone?

    Blush. The most flattering shades for everyone are colors that are neutral like millennial pink, or blush. 

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