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Tips for getting glowing skin for your wedding

You’re nervous, you’re stressed, and you need that glowing skin ready for your big day: your wedding.
Of course, feeling anxious about the preparations, about your new future and tying the knot with the love of your life forever and always can make anyone start breaking out and lack that beautiful bridal skin.
We already know that stress and nervousness do that, so what can you do to fight it off and become that beautiful bride you’ve always dreamt of being? Look no further as we provide you some good remedies to help you get that glowing skin you deserve on your special day:

Hydration is always key


Keeping yourself hydrated is important for glowing, healthy skin.

Being sufficiently hydrated keeps your skin moisturized, soft and supple. Which is why you should always look to drink as much water as you can (for your health), eat hydrating food like watermelon, and use good moisturizers that will help your skin look more hydrated and healthy for your wedding day.

Face masks are here to help

If you suffer from oily skin, make a face mask using equal parts rose water, glycerin and lemon. Apply on your face for 20 minutes then wash it off. This way you’ll get the benefits of an antiseptic, a cleanser, and a moisturizer at the same time.

Benzoyl Peroxide for acne


Benzoyl peroxide is great for eliminating painful pimples.

If you have an annoying pimple bothering you, don’t think about popping it. At all. Grab some benzoyl peroxide and dab a small bit on it. It will dry up the pimple overnight and thus help to heal your skin faster.

If your skin is looking a little dull…

Try making a buttermilk and mango skin mask for when your skin is dull and pigmented. The buttermilk will help you exfoliate your skin, while the mango has vitamins that will induce natural exfoliation. This mask will help get rid of dull and dead skin cells which will make your skin glow healthy and clean.

Your makeup needs to be clean

When applying makeup, remember to always clean your makeup brushes. These can carry bacteria which can provoke acne on your skin. Wash your kit with shampoo, rinse it and leave it out to air-dry with the bristles of your brushes hanging down.

makeup brushes

Keep your makeup brushes clean to keep bacteria away from your skin.

Facials are always the best

For a really perfect end result for glowing skin, schedule monthly facials to clear off your skin from any residue dirt and refresh it. Specialists will stimulate blood circulation by massaging your skin, scalp and décolletage, which will help your skin look healthy and glowing.
Wedding jitters will always make anybody nervous, which can make your skin suffer. But you can still get that beautiful glowing skin by following these steps and by always taking precautions with your health. This way, you’ll be sure to be ready and happy on your special day no matter what.

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