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Sweat proof hairstyles every gym goer must try !

Sweat proof hairstyles every gym goer must try

While going to gym or exercising we need to do hairstyles to keep hair in place: be out of the face or be off the back of neck, we want hair to remain sweat free. At the same time, we want to look good. Some hairstyles that one can try while going to gym are:  

Ponytail it up!

An easy way is to make a ponytail secure it with elastic. And if your hair is long then take a piece of hair from the bottom and pull it out of the elastic. Twirl the hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, covering the elastic. Secure with a bobby pin. This is a very convenient style.

Ponytail it up!


Buns are a great option while exercising as it keeps hair in place without making any crimps that a hair tie or bobby pins would. Gather hair into a ponytail with hand at the top of head and start twisting hair. Take the spin pin to the last bit of hair and twist it into the coil as close to the scalp as possible. You can also try side bun.

A great option for your gym!

Funky triple french braid

A funky triple French braid looks cute.  Divide hair into three sections: left, center, and right. Make three French braids from the three divided sections and secure it with pins. Then gather all hair into a ponytail. You can also try side French braid.

French triple braid!


Pigtails are best to keep hair out of face. Create a side part and gather hair into two ponytails. Braid each pony loosely and secure with a hair tie.

Pigtails are another great way!

Rope braid

If you have long hair, try rope braid. Start this style by pulling your hair into a sleek ponytail and securing your ends with an elastic. From there, take your ends, divide them into two sections and twist those sections around one another until you run out of hair. This is an easy hairstyle yet looks amazing.

Rope braid

You can also take messy hair to gym that does not irritate you while exercising.
Try all the hairstyles that will make you feel comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

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