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Makeup contouring: A Beginner’s Guide !

Create a base, conceal the flaws, contour, highlight and so on. There are endless jargons of makeup. Are you hearing these for the first time? Or you want to try these for yourself, but have no clue how to? Well then, you are at the right place.
To begin with, know what is contouring and how is it different from highlighting. Contouring is a technique where you use a product two shades darker than your actual skin tone, to define certain features on your face like nose, cheekbones, chin. This will not highlight these features but give a definitive shape to them. Highlighting is just the opposite. To highlight or to make your features notice, you use a lighter shade. Highlighting emphasizes the areas of the face that naturally catch the light.
Tip: You should NEVER use shimmery products to contour. Use a powder, pencil or cream in matte texture.
Now that you know the difference, contour your face basis the shape of your face. Here is a handy guide on where to contour:

  1. Diamond shape face

A diamond shape face would have a slightly pointed chin and face longer than it is wide.

Places to contour

The area below cheekbones which would start from ears and ends in the middle of your cheeks.

  1. Heart shape face

You can figure out if you have a heart shape face if you have cheeks wider than your hairline and if your chin is narrow and pointed.

Places to contour

Three prominent places to contour. One would be a small area below the chin to make the point look softer. Second is the area below your cheekbones starting from your ears, ending in the middle of the cheeks. The third and most important area is along the sides of your forehead and temples. This will strike a balance between the wider upper half of face and a narrower lower half.

  1. Oval shape face

You can recognize an oval shaped face with its length (one and half times longer than the face width). There will no points on chin or jaws and looks like an upside-down egg.

Places to contour

The Same area below your cheekbones from ears to the middle of cheeks and the sides of your forehead to make hairline look little narrow.

  1. Round shape face

Round shape is easily recognizable with no major points in jaws, chin or hairline. The length and width of the face are the same.

Places to contour

The best place to contour for round shape face is on the side of temples and forehead. This would make the wider areas look narrow. Also, contour below your cheekbones starting from your ears to the middle of your cheeks and curving towards your jawline. This will the illusion of length to your face! 

  1. Square shape face

The width of your jawline and hairline are even and your face is as long as the width.

Places to contour

To make jawbone appear narrow, contour under your jawbone. Also, apply on sides of the forehead so that hairline appears narrow. Lastly, contour the area below your cheeks starting from your ears ending in the middle of your cheeks.
Get going with these useful contouring tips. Try contouring your features to give them a definitive shape. You need not be an expert. Try few times and we are sure you would get it perfect. It only needs a little bit of practice. Just remember that the shade you choose should be two shades darker than your skin tone and in the matte texture. Rest would be your skills and willingness to attempt. Best of luck! Go get back to us in case you have questions.

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