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Long hair : A practical choice ?

How beautiful it is to have long hair! But it isn’t as easy as you think it could be! You need to invest your time, energy and money to get it in the first place. It is practically possible only if you give a lot of time for its maintenance. You need to invest time and energy in finding products that suit your hair.
Some prefer chemicals and some prefer Ayurvedic products, the choice of products may differ but the struggle is real and the same to maintain it. You need to eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of water. Take special products to keep your scalp healthy and take steps in promoting healthy hair growth. You need to take frequent haircuts in order to reduce and split ends.
Here we are up with an article to let you know the pros and cons of long hair.

Cons of having long hair

  1. Hair split ends

Every 10-12 weeks you need to have to get rid of those dreaded split ends. Get rid of split ends by getting a nice haircut now and then at the saloon.!  

  1. The wind

There is no chance of you keeping your hair down at all if there is any wind. It will get in your face, it will stick to your lip gloss, it will get tangled up until you look like you have a rats nest on your head.

  1. Showers

Anyone with long hair can feel this. It takes decades to get your hair completely wet. It takes decades to apply shampoo. It takes decades to wash it and finally it takes decades to dry it out.  No need to mention all the strands of hair that fall out in the process and plug your drain and get stuck on your shower walls.

  1. Taking your backpack off

You cannot let your backpack slide down your arm when you take it off. You will feel your hair getting entangled as it gets stuck in the strap.  Occasionally, your hair also gets stuck in a car door.

Pros of having long hair

  1. Versatile hairstyles

You can do so much with it! Every hairstyle is possible and every trend is possible. You can even do the craziest shit with it.

  1. It keeps you warm

Seriously, during the times you are feeling cold, you can use your hair like a blanket to use on your face, neck and upper body. It may sound weird, however, long hair can be a lifesaver in the winter.

  1. Flip with the long hair

It is a dream for like many of the people out there. Something which we like to call the ultimate hair flip. Which is that thing when you flip your hair and it hits the 5-10 people standing in the surrounding area. It is also very valuable if you want to be sassy.
But, in the finish, the foremost positive point of having long hair is that it makes one feel confident.
If you love having hair long then love everything that comes with it!

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