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Ideas to change your hair colour naturally

Changing your hair colour can be a bit intimidating.
First, it’s a semi-permanent process till you outgrow your dyed hair and cut it. Second, you need to be careful around the chemicals involved with hair dying since they can harm your hair. And third, going to a salon can be very expensive.
So, what other alternative do you have for changing your hair colour?
Well, there are certain home remedies you can try that are much less harmful to hair, unlike salon chemicals. And they even wash away after some time, so you can be sure if changing your hair colour to this or that shade is what you want, or not at all.
To help, here are some effective and fun ways to try out hair colours at home without the hassle of driving out and going to your nearest salon:


This powder comes from the leaves of the henna plant and used not only to dye hair but nails and skin too. It creates a red-orange colour and is completely natural and safe for you to use.
To make the henna dye, mix one cup of the powder with two cups of lemon juice. You can add vinegar to the mix to help release the colour, and then leave it to thicken for about 4-6 hours. Apply it on your hair and comb through it to spread the dye evenly. Put your hair in a plastic cap for 2-3 hours then rinse. Be careful when using henna to colour your hair, keep in mind it could turn out a more orange tint if you use too much of it.

Beet and Carrot Juice

They can add natural red tints to your hair colour, but can vary in shades. Beet juice can make your strands have a strawberry blonde to auburn hair colour. Carrot juice will create a softer orange-red shade.
To do it, apply about a cup of juice to your hair, and if you want, you can mix it with coconut oil to condition your hair as you work it through. Leave the juice for at least an hour, rinse it out and finish by sealing the dye with an apple cider and vinegar spray.


colour chalk
This one is a simple and child-friendly way of colouring hair. You just have to grind any colour children’s chalk, place it between paper towels or a makeup sponge and rub it into the hair for a fun temporary hair colour.

Food Colouring

food coloring
To use food colouring, you need to make a spray mixture. Mix together 1 tablespoon of salt, 8 ounces of water, and as much food colouring as you want to get the shade of your preference. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and apply it as such to your hair.


If you want to get a darker hair shade, or even cover some grey hairs, coffee might prove to be a solution for you.
Brew a strong coffee such as espresso and let it cool. Mix it with a couple of cups of leave-in conditioner with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Apply it to clean hair and leave it for about an hour. Rinse it off with apple cider vinegar so the colour can last longer and if you want a darker hair colour, repeat the process until you get the desired shade.
These do-it-yourself solutions can change your hair colour in a much more fun and safe way. You can try these mixtures to know how sure are you in changing your hair colour and what shade would you like it in. In the meantime, you can enjoy mixing up different colours and playing with your hair safely without the danger of traditional chemicals threatening to damage it.

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