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How to pick the right personalized healthcare shade of lipstick for your skin tone?

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How to pick the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone: Lipsticks are one of the most under-estimated beauty products. They can turn any crappy mood into a super happy one. There are thousands of brands selling billions of pretty shades. Have you ever fallen in love with a shade that Beyonce wore? Got it from the market, but it didn’t suit you? Here we are to give you some “lip sense” about how to choose the perfect lip shade for the personalized healthcare of luscious lips that you got.

Determining your skin tone and undertone

Before picking up a lipstick shade, make sure you know your skin tone and undertone. Skin tone varies from fair to wheatish and tan to dark. After you have got your skin tone correct, check for your undertone. Undertone is the colour of skin below your skin tone. Some easy ways to find out your undertone are:-
Check the veins of your hand in sunlight. If it’s green, you have a warm undertone. If it’s blue you have a cool undertone. If it’s somewhere in between, you have hit the jackpot! You have a neutral undertone. If that’s the case, any lip shade will suit you.
Another easy way to determine your undertone is, to hold a piece of gold jewellery and a piece of silver jewellery near your face. Check which suits you the most, without getting biased on your preferences. If you look radiant in gold then you got a warm undertone. If silver shines the diva in you, you have a cool undertone.

How to choose the right shade for your skin tone

Now that you have determined your skin tone and undertone, you are ready to shop for some amazing personalized healthcare lipsticks that will make you shine!

Lipsticks for fair skin tone

Peachy nudes for a natural glow.

People with fair skin tones look ravishing in bold red lip colour. Soft mocha, peachy nudes and corals will bring out the natural glow in you. If you have a warm undertone go for soft mocha, while peachy nudes or pinks with a tint of blue will go well with cool undertones.

Lipsticks for medium / wheatish skin tone

People with medium or wheatish skin can choose any colour. Shades of berry and rose will make you look good. If you have a warm undertone go for cinnamon or bronze shades. Cranberry will look excellent for personalized healthcare with a cool undertone. Experiment with brick reds or reds with a hint of gold or tan as they go very well with your skin tone. Avoid nudes and don’t go deeper than burgundy.

Lipsticks for tan skin tone

Little mauve every now and then.

People belonging to this range of skin tones may try pinks and purples and avoid the browns. They have a neutral skin tone so their range can vary from pinks and oranges to purples and reds. People with tan skin and a warm undertone may wear bright lipstick to look good.

Lipsticks for dusky skin tone

Shades of red

Browns and berry reds look ravishing on people with dusky skin tones. For people with a warm undertone; go for subtle brown and berry shades. Brick reds and caramel will work well for cool undertones.

Lipstick for dark skin tone

People with dark skin tone should happily go for deep plums, berries and reds. Warm undertones may try honey or walnut shades. Cooler undertones can experiment with wine colours.
Yet again, no matter what skin tone or undertone you may have; you can wear any colour you like, any colour that gives you the confidence and brings out the diva look in you! These personalized healthcare tips are just guidelines, not gospel. So go ahead, think out of the box and don’t hesitate to experiment with your favourite colours!

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