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Best budget brands for cost effective beauty with the help of personalized healthcare

Budget Beauty, Personalized Healthcare

Best budget brands for cost-effective beauty: Every year a new brand is launched in the beauty market. But the beauty market is very competitive. Not all the brands make into the spotlight. But again, not all spotlight brands are cost effective. Most of the mainstream brands are expensive. But if you are a beginner with makeup, that seems a big investment for you. But then again, there are a lot of drugstore or cost-effective beauty brands available. With a pool of brands available in the market, there are some that are light on your pocket and great on your skin. These brands are easily available in local stores and even online. These brands are quite popular among YouTubers and beauty bloggers. The makeup scene is filled with these brands and some of the best budget brands under personalized healthcare in this area are:-

1. Lakmé

Use your cosmetics like your weapon.

Lakmé is an Indian cosmetic brand owned by Hindustan Unilever. It was founded in 1952. It is India’s very own, first ever launched cosmetic manufacturer. Since then Lakmé has been manufacturing products that are compatible with Indian skin types. It has a huge range of products from skincare to makeup. Its foundation range is quite popular among makeup enthusiasts. Lakmé has a huge lipstick collection too. Its product range is mostly below Rs 500. Lakmé has been one among the favorites, for more than 50 years now. Under personalized healthcare system, Lakmé is one of the few mainstream brands that are cost-effective and provide good results which are worth your money!

2. Wet n’ Wild

Wet N wild is an American based drugstore beauty brand. It is very popular among makeup junkies as well as celebrities. Celebs like Meryl Streep and Paris Hilton are fans of this brand. It’s a cruelty-free brand too. It is known as a ‘colour’ brand because it has cosmetics to suit every skin tone, from foundations to lipsticks. It is the first brand to launch drugstore black nail paint. They have won a ton of awards too. It has 90% brand recognition in the USA itself. They are the best brand to invest in no matter what age group you belong to. They are said to have the best-priced products in the market.

3. LA girl

LA girl cosmetics have been considered as holy grail cosmetics by beauty gurus and bloggers all across the world. It has a great range of cosmetic products. They sell these products at affordable prices. It is quite popular for their high coverage foundations, which has a lot of shades. It is also known for the sturdy packaging of the products which makes them look like any high-end makeup brand.

Makeup is art. Beauty is spirit.

4. Essence

Essence is Europe’s number 1 makeup brand. This German brand is popular for its high-quality products at very affordable prices. Although it’s not officially launched in India, you can have access to their products, online. Under personalized healthcare, the best quality of this brand is that it works hard on innovating and evolving its products. It also has a huge color range for almost everything,  from foundations to eyeshadows. Its eye makeup is quite popular. This is the best brand to start from as it’s products are a low investment with high yield.

5. Rimmel London

Your makeup can make you happy.

Rimmel London makeup has been doing rounds in the cosmetics square recently, because of its newly launched products. It is more of a high street brand than actually being a drugstore one. Also it is really famous for its base makeup products and lipstick range. It has great quality products at a steady price range. And the best part is that it sells every makeup essential, that is from primer to makeup setting sprays. It is a great brand selling some of the great compacts. 
These drugstore brands sell products at affordable prices with great quality. These brands are easily available online as well as in local markets. These brands under personalized healthcare, even though are not high-end but are quite popular among the masses as well as makeup professionals.

We truly hope you found this article helpful. To know more, you can always visit our website or book a preventive healthcare consultation session to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions to your problems.

  1. Is drugstore makeup as good as high end?

    Drugstore makeup can certainly help you achieve the same look as higher-end products.

  2. Is Lakmé makeup good?

    Lakmé is the oldest Indian cosmetics brand that offers quality makeup at reasonable prices. In fact, it ranks at number one in the colored cosmetics market in India. 

  3. Is Lakmé good for face?

    Lakme Skin Care crèmes are extremely hydrating, essential for anyone on the lookout for a healthy moisturizing barrier. They work to hydrate the skin and improve its ability to retain moisture. Enriched with hydrating vitamins, these crèmes give your skin a salon-like treatment.

  4. Is Wet n’ Wild Foundation gives full coverage?

    Coverage is buildable, so you can apply medium coverage or build up to full coverage.

  5. Is essence new concealer good for sensitive skin?

    The new Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive Concealer is a lightweight, covering and caring, non-comedogenic concealer. It contains aloe vera and it’s free of parabens, silicones, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oils. It has medium to high buildable coverage and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

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