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6 types of manicure you should know about

The best way to pamper your hands is a relaxing session of a manicure. The process comprises of nails being cleaned, filed, shaped and polished, cuticles pushed and a nice massage for a glow on skin. Here are the 6 types of manicure you should know about:

 Basic manicures

As the name suggests, this is the basic and easiest version of manicure, which you can even try at home. In this, your hands are soaked in warm water infused with a mild cleanser. This is followed by a massage with cream or scented oil. Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation and pressure applied on few points would relax your senses.  A base coat is applied on nails followed by the nail paint of your choice and glossed up with top coat.

  French manicures

This is the most popular and widely done manicure. Opt for this neat and classy look which you can carry in office. The procedure is the same as soaking hands in warm water with cream applied on nails. The cream is massaged on nails to nourish them.  Hands are scrubbed and massaged and cuticles are pushed back. The nails are given a square or edgy shape. A base coat in a neutral color is applied on nails and covered with the lightest shade of any nail paint. Usually, they go for beige or baby pink. The tips of nails are painted in white color.  

  Reverse french manicures

This one looks quirky and unique. The whole procedure of the manicure remains the same. The only difference is that the cuticles are painted in bright or lighter shade.

  American manicures

An upgraded or better version of French manicure is the American manicure.  Unlike the French, this one has subtle tips and the white strips are almost invisible. This uses off-white or brighter shade for the nail tips. The shape of the nails is filed to round instead of square.

 Gel manicures

While you get your hands beauty and paint your nails pretty, the nail paint chips off in no time. Gel manicure comes to your rescue here. Gel nail colors are stronger, stay longer and have a nice glossy shine that you can flaunt.  In this process, the nails are exposed to UV lamp for the gel color to stay longer and look shiny.  
This is a bit expensive than the above all. Also, gel manicure has been criticized for the harm it does to skin under UV lamp. Hence it is advisable to apply SPF on hands or wear gloves before the lamp exposure.  

  Paraffin manicures

This manicure would be useful if you have dry skin and hands look dehydrated.  Here, your hands are soaked in warm water with melted paraffin wax. The wax would coat your hands, locking in moisture and revealing soft supple skin. The rest of the process for nail filing, polishing, buffing and all would remain the same. Paraffin waxing also temporarily alleviates sore muscles and joints. This is safe and little expensive than the rest.
If you are to try manicure at home you can go for the basic, French, reverse French or American manicure, provided you have someone to help you. Obviously, you cannot massage your own hands. Choose your nail paint as per the shape of your nails and what may look best on your skin. Pamper yourself once a while with a relaxing session of manicure and flaunt those pretty hands glowing with health.   

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