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The power of protein – All about Keratin treatments

Protein is a nutrient which contains abundant resources to strengthen every living organism it is consumed by. It not only aids the natural growth of one’s hair, but it is also responsible for one’s height. In fact, a protein called Keratin, not only helps hair growth but also affects smoother silkier and well-textured hair. Keratin therapy, commonly known as the Brazilian treatment, was thus generated to artificially and chemically input the said beneficial protein into one’s hair for long-time benefits.  

Keratin smoothing therapy

Despite being a kind of hair smoothing treatment, Keratin Smoothing Therapy is rather different from its alternatives. One may notice their own hair’s strong bonds deteriorating due to the excessive use of conventional straighteners or relaxers, causing each otherwise displaced strand to reform into a permanently straight line and thus further resulting in permanent damage to hair’s strength as well. Temporary methods of straightening like ironing, on the other hand, may relieve hair of its texture and lushness in the long run, also destroys the already present keratin in your hair that does the important job of holding it together.
Thus, the revolutionary technology of Keratin Complex delivers a diverse number of benefits which includes smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired, instead of breaking hair bonds or ruining its viscosity by seeping the protein, keratin, through the depths of hair structure to be sealed within the cortex to repair damage and maintain ever-lasting results.  
The treatment completes its work for smoother and richer hair in 4 simple stages:

Stage 1

Imagine the process of getting a child injected. He first needs to be prepared for the tiny needle that’ll soon pierce his skin for the mere enrichment of his health. Similarly, the pre-treatment step for the keratin treatment removes the surface build-up and prepares the cuticle for the upcoming wave of protein. Like a nurse rubs vaccine onto the child’s skin, the treatment assures that the cuticle is lifted up by allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair.

Stage 2

The needle is gradually put in to apply the serum. As a patient, you might feel the slight tingling sensation which may occur due to reasons like that of keratin penetrating into the hair’s cuticle so that all the contained hydrolyzed keratin can strengthen keratin bonds from within to repair hair damage and smoothen hair shaft. Hair is swiftly nourished to be mended, just like infected blood.

Stage 3

Furthermore, you might realize that while these injecting needles contain the necessary    drug, it also comes with added nutrients to avoid any side effects that the drug may cause., In alignment with this, Keratin is put in with additional conditioning agents to help nourish and strengthen hair, while restoring smoothness and shine.

Stage 4

Finally, a band-aid is put on for protection. The hair shape is adjusted- in this case, with the assistance of heat. Usually, the source of the said heat might first be a simple blow dryer, followed starkly with a flat iron- to seal in the treatment and create a humidity-resistant finish.
Science has proved, with the aid of various treatment results that the power of protein cannot be underestimated. It is a nutrient that, when supplied effectively, tends to act as a nursing vaccine to repair, restore and rejuvenate one’s hair!   

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