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Makeup for Psoriasis infected skin : Tricks and Tips

The red patches, scales, and itchiness of psoriasis not only need medical attention but also emotional counseling. This extreme skin condition lowers the low self-esteem and confidence of many. People suffering with it usually cut off socially and move towards a lonely, depressed life. Women who loved to do makeup also stop doing that thinking psoriasis might cause more harm. If you are among those, fret not. Dig out your makeup kit from your closet, pay heed to the makeup tricks most suitable for psoriasis affected skin and cheer up.
Choose the right product

  1.  As the universal law of makeup, choose the base/foundation that matches the color of your skin at your jawline. Test before you buy.
  2.  Check out the list of ingredients mentioned on the label of the product. It is advisable to stay away from ingredients like drying alcohol or fragrance. Choose the ones which have moisturizing properties. The ones which read water and sweat resistant are particularly good as they do not sink deep into your skin. Go for the creams or foundation with good SPF.
  3.  Shun the powder based foundation or concealer as they tend to make skin dry. Choose liquid based products in case of skin suffering from psoriasis. A matte finish would the most suitable.
  4.  Do not use products with glitter or sparkle as they can cause dryness or irritation on the skin.
  5.  Invest time in choosing a medicated foundation or the ones especially for psoriasis or acne. This will make your life easier.

Prepare your skin

Before you apply makeup, always prep your skin with moisturizer and a primer. This will help makeup to go smoother on the skin. This also would keep irritation and dryness away.

Simple Coverage

We do understand how much you are tempted to load layers of makeup to conceal all the marks and redness on the skin. However, you are advised not to load your skin with too many layers. You may just need a concealer and foundation to do the job. Keep it simple with sheer coverage.  

Color corrector

In case you are using a color corrector instead of foundation, make sure you read them before applying. Consult an expert before the usage or ask the brand if skin redness can be corrected with it.


As you are done with the base and foundation, focus on which features you want to highlight. Let’s say you want to highlight your eyes or lips. Choose the right colors that would highlight these features and take the center stage.

Removing it right

Your cleansing milk should help you get off the thick layers of makeup if any. Just see if they are thin, as they will not lock in moisture and clog pores. Post that when you wash your face, choose a cream based cleanser instead of gel-based one since they have alcohol content in the same. Psoriasis skin should not use exfoliating scrubs or abrasive cleaners as they will pile up the scales and add irritation.

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