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Psoriasis and its remedies

What is psoriasis?

You must have seen red freckles, several patches and scaly condition on the skin. This description would be, close to psoriasis.
This is a genetically caused chronic, inflammatory skin condition full of red, itchy and scaly patches, which rarely has a cure. The problems worsen in winters.

Types and symptoms

Once the problem worsens it becomes next to impossible to control the spread out of the same.  Hence it is important to know the symptoms which you can identify and start taking precautionary measures.

Psoriasis vulgaris

The most common form of this disease is psoriasis vulgaris which you can identify with raised areas of inflamed skin covered with silverfish-white scales or flakes. This mostly affects your elbows, scalp, back, and knees.

Psoriatic erythroderma

The other type is psoriatic erythroderma which is symbolized by widespread inflammation as well as exfoliation of skin over a large part of the body surface. It is accompanied by profound swelling, pain, and itching. This form is a result of worsening psoriasis vulgaris.

Inverse psoriasis

Also known as flexural psoriasis, this is recognized by smooth inflamed patches of the skin, mostly affecting skin folds, like armpits, skin folds of the over-weight abdomen, around genitals, under breasts or between buttocks and cleft. Mostly, heat, infection, and trauma are considered the reasons for the development of this psoriasis type.

Pustular psoriasis

Small yellow blisters filled with on-infectious pus.  The skin under and surrounding pustules is usually red and tender.

Nail psoriasis

This is when your nails of fingers and toes show changes like pitting of nails, little areas under nail bleeding from capillaries, whitening of nails, yellow-reddish discoloration of nails, thickening of under nail skin, crumbling, loosening or separation of nails.    

Scalp psoriasis

This is indicated by hair loss, severe itching and lot of white scales often mistaken for dandruff.  


Apart from the above, psoriasis can occur in babies, which is misdiagnosed as diaper rash. Here red papules with silver scale in the diaper area may occur that extend to torso or limbs.

Mouth psoriasis

Another form of psoriasis with low frequency is mouth psoriasis which commonly attacks the lining of the mouth with white or greyish-yellow plaques. This, at times, may be accompanied by deep fissures or furrows on your tongue. The above symptoms should trigger your senses and get a medical examination done by a doctor. A biopsy of skin tissue may be necessary to determine the disease.  


Honestly, psoriasis has no cure. However, timely diagnosis and treatment can minimize the spread out in your body. The best treatment is determined by the specialist depending on the type, severity, and parts of skin involved.
It is advised to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to combat diseases like psoriasis. In case you have observed the symptoms or undergoing medication, the following DIY at-home tips would  complement the same and heal you naturally:
  Eat healthy
-Avoid foods high in salty, sour or acidic content. It would also be good to stay away from food causing indigestion.  -Food rich in omega 3 fatty acid (cold water fish and flax seeds), nuts and seeds is known to reduce inflammation.
-Indian cuisines use turmeric daily, so this should not be difficult. Loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, intake of the same up to 3grams per day is recommended for psoriasis.
-Having 1-2 cups of bitter gourd juice on empty stomach in morning would help purify your blood and digestion.
   Maintain good lifestyle
-NEVER control the natural urge of a bowl, urinating or vomiting.
-Try to reduce stress. Any disease or abnormal condition is triggered by stress which worsens the conditions. Practicing yoga, meditating or going for a massage therapy would be beneficial.
  Moisturize dry skin
-Hydrate extremely dry skin with shea butter or good moisturizer to prevent itchiness or dryness and plaque formation.
-On the scalp, you can apply olive oil to loosen plaque and soothe skin. You can also mix one tablespoon of tea tree oil with few drops of olive oil to apply.
Topical application of pure aloe vera gel helps cure the itchy and inflamed condition.
  Take warm bath
Hot water is a no-no in case of psoriasis. Go for a lukewarm bath with Dead Sea salt, milk or olive oil. These infiltrate scales and plaques while soothing itchiness. Post bath, moisturize your skin immediately.   
  Apply apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has been widely used as a disinfectant. In case of an itchy flaky scalp, soak a cotton ball in organic apple cider vinegar and apply. If there is burning sensation, you can dilute with water. Do not apply on dry, wounded or cracked skin as it may increase irritation.  
  Say no to alcohol and smoking
Those who consume alcohol have higher chances of developing psoriasis than those who don’t. Avoiding alcohol is the first advice your doctor would give. Also, stop smoking and consuming tobacco to prevent psoriasis from spreading in your body.
Herbal or natural remedies would always accelerate healing and reduce the signs eventually. In many cases homeopathy or ayurvedic treatment may deem necessary. Remember, psoriasis has no cure but the once you identify the symptoms, you can start with natural ways to ease your pain.

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