Solve your eye problems with these super eye yoga exercises!

Solve your eye problems with these super eye yoga exercise! :  Eye problems occur in all countries and almost 1 amongst 10 members. Out of million people who suffer from eye related problems, more than half of them are blind. In most of the cities, 8-10% children suffer from eye related problems.
Eyes are often called the windows to one’s soul. The only time eye gets rest is during sleep. We work with our eye muscles all the time but fail to exercise them. In this article, we are up with some easy ways to keep the eyes healthy by practicing some great eye yoga exercise. 

Agnisara Kriya

Agnisara is derived from two Sanskrit words Agni (fire) and Sara (cleansing or washing). To be more specific, this exercise focuses on cleaning the Manipura chakra located near the belly button.
Process: Stand with your legs apart and take a deep inhalation through the nose. Slightly bend your knees. Turn your head marginally downwards and breathe out through your mouth. Make sure that the back is stiff always, with your stomach muscles in the relaxed position. Pull your navel up and inwards so that it will be closer to your spine. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds and then tab the stomach muscles, forward and backward for 10 times with the breath hold. Practice this eye yoga exercise for yourself!

Bahya Pranayam

Along with being an excellent way to cleanse the lungs and improve the circulation, this also helps in maintaining disorders related to reproductive organs. Make sure that this bahya pranayama is done on an empty stomach.
Process: Be seated comfortably in Padmasana/ Sukhasana. Inhale deeply and empty your lungs with a forceful exhalation. Now, grip your breath and lock your chin with the chest. This is known to be the Jalandhar’s Bandha. Pull your tummy inwards as much as possible so that it comes close to your spine. This is known to be the Udhiyana Bandha. Now, grip yourself in Mooladhara bandha and the groin muscles upwards. Grip the Bandhas together for about 10 to 15 seconds to start with. Taking a deep breath, release the Bandhas. Repeat for 2 minutes, to begin with, increasing the time from 5-7 minutes. Practice this eye yoga exercise for yourself!

Udgeeth Pranayama

This is basically a meditation exercise, wherein you are expected to chant “OM”. This is ideal for those who want to relax. Children can practice this to enhance their memory power. This breathing exercise involves exhalation and inhalation of longer duration.
Process: Be seated comfortably in Padmasana/ Sukhasana. Take a deep inhalation. As you exhale, chant Om as lengthy as you can. The lengthier you can hold your breath, the healthier the results will be. One chanting completes one round. Relax with your eyes closed, breathing normally, for about 10-15 seconds before going on with the next repetition. Repeat this for 2 to 3 minutes, to begin with, increasing the duration to 10 minutes gradually.Practice this eye yoga exercise for yourself!
These Yoga Poses (Pranayams) helps tone eye muscles, strengthen vision, relax and alleviate stress. Practice these super amazing eye yoga exercise for yourself and see.

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