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Detoxification !

So often we come across the word detoxification. No wonder we must have tried recipes and ways to do that too. But do we even know what exactly does it mean and what is its importance? The word Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. Toxins are poisons of plant or animal origin or even artificial that leads to degeneration. Their effects on our health are definitely negative. Most of the life-threatening disease like cancer is a result of the toxicity of surroundings and resources.

Source of toxins

Wondering about the sources of Toxins? They are external and internal to a body. External sources are pollution, pesticides used in food, medicines given to poultry and dairy cattle that we ingest through milk, eggs, and all other end products. Cigarette smoke, alcohol cannot get away from the list. The sources of internal toxins are the waste products of our body, toxins produced by bacteria in our body, infections, and stress. It’s impossible in today’s lifestyle to protect oneself from toxins. Our food, water, and even air are intoxicated.
Fortunately, our body is self-capable of removing toxins. It has the mechanisms in place for doing that. The liver removes foreign materials and drugs, intestine removes feces. Our kidneys filter the blood. Even our skin is one great way of removing the waste from the body through the pores with sweat. But seeing the level of toxin pressure that we are exposed to, it is extremely important to assist the body in its detoxification process. There are several ways including food and detox drinks that can accelerate the process and help us in preventing a number of diseases and improving our health.   

Food for detox

The food that we eat is not in a form that can be as it is accepted by our body. The body removes toxins in it and also produces toxins in the process of digestion. Pesticides, chemicals in processed food are the biggest source of toxins in our food. Processed food should be avoided as much as possible. Talking about natural food, the only alternative is organic food. To make it cheaper, you can always have your kitchen garden if space permits.
If there are food items that pollute your body, there are also them that detoxify your body.


Almonds contain Vitamin E that removes the build up around liver due to alcohol. This problem is called fatty liver condition.  

Get a great detoxifier with a dose of almond!

Almonds are necessary for your health!


Avocado is a super food- a mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber makes it a great antioxidant too. Monounsaturated fatty acids in Avocado block absorption of those fat cells in the intestine that degrades the intestine through oxidation.

Want to detox and relax? Consume an avocado!

Avocado is a great detoxifier!


Beets are sure well known for the iron content in it. It is also rich in Magnesium, Zinc, and calcium. But the pigment that gives it its intense red color is actually fungicidal. They are called Betalains.

Beet to the rescue!

Beat your detox issues with the Beet!


Curds are well known for their benefits to the digestive system. The healthy bacteria of the family of Lactobacillus make the intestinal duct’s natural flora better. It thus assists the intestine in detoxification.

Detoxing comes easy with curd

Curd is a great way to detox


Ginger is a good detox for the gut. A great recipe for the detoxifying gut and improving digestion using ginger is own your way.

Your body is full of toxins. A slice of ginger will help you detox

Use ginger for an amazing detox

Lemon juice

Squeeze out half a cup lemon juice and add few ginger pieces to it. Store it in fridge and eat a piece before meals. You can make the recipe for a week and store
Time to time detoxification is very important for a healthy body. The way providing nutrition to the body is important so is cleaning it of toxins that are formed everyday in the body.

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