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How to get rid of your cold while being stuck at work

How to get rid of your cold while being stuck at work: With Christmas celebrations over and the New Year already welcomed, the cold of the season has not gone away yet. In fact, it decided to stay for such a long time that your poor hands and feet are now freezing to the point that you wake up the morning you’re to go back to work with a runny nose, a nagging cough, and a complain as to why the temperature can’t seem to raise a little more.  And wonder how the heck are you supposed to get rid of your cold while at office.
Since you’re not sweating and have no real aches except that annoying tickle in the back of your throat and an endless supply of mucus wanting to escape your nostrils, you’re still relatively capable of getting out of your pajamas and going to work. Plus, there’s that project you have been assigned with and a deadline that scares you more than staying in bed and letting it pass.
But, as a little help from us, there are ways to make this slightly miserable day into a more tolerable one, so you can be productive at work. Here we give you some simple aids to help you plow through your tasks while getting rid of your cold like a pro:

Keep yourself hydrated

get rid of your cold by hydrating

Remember to drink liquids!

First and foremost, keep yourself hydrated throughout your day. Constantly drink water, orange juice, ginger tea, soup or any other clear liquid, even if it makes you go to the bathroom almost every hour. Having enough liquids in your nobody will help your immune system get rid of your cold and loosen the mucus bothering you while replacing the fluids you lose from blowing your nose. But remember to avoid caffeine even if you’re feeling fatigued. It will only dehydrate you which is counteractive to what your body needs right now.

Take a hot shower before leaving

get rid of your cold by taking a hot shower

A hot shower will help decongest your nose.

Before leaving for work, take a hot shower. The steam from the water will enter your respiratory system and dilute the mucus trapped there, decongesting your nose. Just make sure to dry yourself well afterward and know you’ve cleaned off any microbes you had with your sneezes and coughs from the night before.

Only wear comfy and cozy clothes

When getting ready for work, opt for wearing layers, and put on comfortable clothes  that are still professional, if your office rules demand it. Keep yourself as warm as possible and wear the coziest sweater you got.

Keep the saline spray in hand

Use a saline spray. You can prepare one at home by boiling water with salt then let it cool off, or buy an over the counter spray. Keep it with you at all times to dissolve the mucus and clear your nose immediately if it becomes too desperate a situation.

Take your medicine

get rid of your cold by taking cough medicine

Cough drops will help soothe your sore throat.

Take cough drops, throat sprays or cough suppressants at your desk to help numb your sore throat and stop the need to be constantly coughing, which eventually wears you out and keeps you from focusing on work.

Be anti-social for your co-workers’ sake

Avoid interaction with your co-workers. You want to get rid of your cold not get them sick too. Let them know why you can’t get close to them and avoid any hugging or hand grabbing. Maintain a bottle of hand sanitizer beside you for every time you need to cough or sneeze, or when you  have to touch some work document. If you have the time, wash your hands with soap and water, it’s the most effective way to keep yourself germ-free from others around you.

Take plenty of rest

get rid of your cold by taking rest

Let your body rest and do its work in fighting off the cold.

After getting home, don’t check your e-mail to look for more work to do. Let your boss know beforehand how you’re feeling and get some rest instead. Eat some hot soup then go to sleep early. This will allow your body to gain more time to recover and for you to get better quicker.
Being sick in this winter season can be one of the worst feelings you can get after enjoying the holidays. And even worse when work demands you to be productive. Which is why you must learn how to prioritize your wellbeing, understand how you are feeling to see if you’re not too sick as to need to stay at home, and know how to keep your immune system effective enough so it can  get rid of your cold and help you get better.

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