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Tone that facial fat for gorgeous cheeks!

Have you felt that despite losing weight, you still look fat? Or that your face tends to take away from all the weight you lost? When you meet someone for the first time, facial fat is the first thing that you notice about them. While it may feel nice to be called cute for your chubby cheeks and have everyone from classmates to relatives pull your cheeks, getting rid of facial fat will give you an overall slim look.
While losing facial fat is difficult, with the routine we have devised for you, you will get a slim face in no time.

Reasons for excess facial fat

Some of the reasons why you can have a double chin or chubby cheeks are:

  • Genetic component
  • Being overweight
  • Lack of essential nutrients in the body
  • Lack of sleep and stress
  • Water retention due to dehydration and poor eating habits
  • Excessive salt or sugar intake

reduced facial fatGorgeous model cheeks! 

Exercises to help you get rid of facial fat

We present a set of exercises which, when practiced regularly will help you lose your facial fat and give you those cheekbones you desire! These exercises like all weight loss techniques do not burn away the fat and yet build muscle.
Like we always say, no weight loss program can target just one part of your body in isolation. You can always strengthen your muscles in that region to look and feel slimmer. Usually, if you lose weight in general, you are bound to lose some from your cheeks and chin. Doing these strength training exercises can accelerate the process.

Types of exercises!

Facial exercise #1: The pout
This exercise is basically a pout! This one feels more like a duck face while doing but it is extremely helpful for that cheek fat! So what you need to do is suck in your cheeks inside your mouth. Then pucker your lips outwards after maintaining the posture for 30 minutes. Relax and repeat 10 times. Perform two rounds of this exercise daily.
The benefits: Pulling your cheeks inwards targets fat on your cheeks and stimulates the flow of blood.
Facial exercise #2: Rotating your tongue
Close your mouth and rotate your tongue in circular motions. Make sure your tongue touches your upper and lower teeth. Do 15 clockwise and 15 counterclockwise motions. You should perform this exercise at least twice a day.
The benefits: This will help you in getting prominent cheekbones and jawline.
Facial exercise #3: Chew gum and blow balloons
Chewing gum and blowing on balloons are effective ways to exercise the muscles of your cheeks. As you blow air into the balloon, you can feel your muscles expand.
The benefits: These practices will make your face look toned and thinner.
Apart from all these exercises, remember to smile! That is one of the best and often most underrated way of getting rid of facial fat.

 Habits to follow for losing the facial fat

Exercise will not be able to work in isolation for your weight loss. It needs to be accompanied by healthy habits. We give you a list of health tips to reinforce your new-found jawline!
Health Tip #1: Avoid alcohol
This one is pretty straightforward- whenever you wish to lose fat. You need to let go of alcohol. This is a given. Not only is alcohol fatty but it also dehydrates your body and makes your face appear swollen and bloated.
Health Tip #2: Control your salt intake
Taking in too much salt too can have an adverse impact on your physiology. Sodium present in salt also causes water retention and bloating. Instead, try to eat more protein rich foods and those rich in fibers.
Health Tip #3: Hydrate yourself
The benefits of keeping yourself well hydrated are too many to ignore. It gives you glowing skin, accelerates your metabolism, and keeps you healthy. By preventing dehydration it can also remove puffiness from your cheeks and under eye bags.
Using these easy techniques will definitely help you in keeping your cheeks healthy and toned! Watch the jaws drop of passerbys as you give them a complex with gorgeous cheekbones.

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