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Hairstyles for men

It isn’t surprising that most hairstyles are aimed at women. Considering that the men’s grooming industry is in the nascent stages, it should not be surprising at all. We felt that you should share a thing to two about their expertise related to hairstyles for men. It is refreshing to see hairstyles for men getting there.

The definitive hairstyle guide

First thing first- men’s hair has a lot of variety and styles contrary to popular belief. You can go as edgy as a mohawk or take a pompadour or just let it grow! The options are endless.

The Look #1: The grunge bedhead look

The celebrity connect: Kurt Cobain

 The look decoded:
Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain certainly embraced the ‘Come as you are’ motto with his fashion sense. He combined thrift store cardigans with flannels. He kept his hair unkempt with disregard for societal norms. This nonchalance is apparent in his hairstyle choices. He simply lets it grow. Kurt Cobain’s hair was never meant to be perfectly styled or straightened. His wife, Courtney Love, would just snip it here and there and he would step out sporting the look. And boy did he look good.
The key to this messy grunge look is that it shouldn’t look forced. Let it be natural. It is said that Cobain hardly ever even brushed it. Or even washed it, for that matter. You can have a side parting or a center parting. Better still let it be wild and fall on your cheeks!  Remember, it should channel the ‘teen spirit’! Let it be longer on the back than at the sides. This is a messy yet trendy look that requires little or no maintenance.

The Look #2: The Quiff

The celebrity connect: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling

 The look decoded: 
This is one hairstyle that has been around for quite some time. The look was greatly popularised by John Travolta in Grease. His character of Danny being remembered for his all-black outfits and his signature quaff. The quiff is a melange of the turned up hair in a pompadour with elements of a flat top. The main contrast arises from the length differences- the hair at the back and sides need to be shorter than those at the top.
The hair needs to be connected in such a way that the top and the sides come together to give you the classic look. Many men are experimenting with short side hair to get maximum scalp exposure. If you want to go for a bolder look you can opt for the disconnected undercut. This look requires an eye-catching contrast between the longer top hair and shorter side hair.

The Look #3: The Pompadour

The celebrity connect: Elvis Presley

 The look decoded:  
Rock and roll legend Elvis Presley took the pompadour, a hairstyle originally intended for women and turned it around on its head (quite literally) and the look has stayed with us till date.
The pompadour is yet another hairstyle with hair longer on the top and shorter on the sides and the back. The uniqueness of the style comes from the large mass of hair on the top (called the ‘pomp’) that gradually recedes to the back.

The Look #4: The Man Bun

The celebrity connect: Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kit Harington, Brad Pitt

The look decoded: 
Rock your long hair by tying it up into a man bun. They add a lot to your sex appeal and can help you tame your hair (think Kit Harington’s wild locks in Game of Thrones). You can go for a semi bun. It is a top bun made by tying up the hair on top or go for a full bun where you take up all the hair on your head and tie into a bun. Combine a man bun with a shaggy beard and you have hit a perfect combination.
Remember, you are going for a ‘bun’, not a ponytail. Scoop your hair and pass a hair tie through the hair. Then go for a second round of tying. This time, pass it through half the distance from the end of the hair in your hand. Et voila, your man bun is ready to be seen!
Remember to keep your look adventurous. It is always good to opt for a change and you must definitely try these new styles for your next look.

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