Hacks for house cleaning

Cleaning the house is something all of us dread- and for good reason. Really, who wants to face that pizza crust that fell behind the sofa last month? And the problem gets even more exacerbated if you are anyway as clumsy as I am. Or lazy for that matter! Also is it just me or does everyone else think so too that the chores around the house are endless?

Hacks for cleaning your home

So here I have today, the lazy people guide to cleaning up your home. Only to make it habitable again of course. Armed with good old vinegar and baking soda, you can clean the toughest of stains.

Problem Area #1: The fridge

Spread a layer of plastic food wrap on the shelves of your fridge to make cleaning up spills easier. Clean dirty fridge shelves using baking soda and water. Moisten a cloth with the mix and wipe the shelves.

Problem Area #2: The microwave

Take a damp sponge soaked with antibacterial spray and microwave it for 2 minutes. And voila, your microwave tray is clean again! Heating the sponge will kill the microbes hiding in your microwave. You can then use your oven mitt and wipe the inside of the microwave with the sponge. 

Top Hacks

There are numerous natural ingredients that help in cleaning your home

Problem Area #3:  Washing taps

Taps invariably end up getting hard water stains which can be a nightmare to get rid of. Soak up a few paper towels in a solution of white vinegar and place them on your taps, bathroom faucets, or any water dispenser.  Let it stay for about an hour. Then, remove the paper and wipe with a clean towel to see the shine! You can even put a plastic bag with vinegar around your shower head to clean it.

Problem Area #4: Wooden chopping board

Your wooden chopping board bears the brunt of most of your kitchen adventures. Our cutting boards bear the cutting, dicing, and chopping of vegetables and meat. It gets important to sanitize them from any bacteria that may be hovering. Sprinkle coarse salt all over the surface of the board. Next, squeeze a lemon over it. Rinse the lemon and salt with warm water.

Problem Area #5: Water marks on wooden furniture

All it takes is a chilled drink and no coaster to make those ghastly water rings appear on your prized wooden furniture. Fortunately you don’t really have to just let time take its course to make the mark fade. All you need to do is set your dryer to medium and lightly run it over the stain while buffing gently with paper towels till it’s gone. 

Problem Area #6: The iron

So you used your iron on a printed t shirt and now there’s half the batman symbol stuck to it. Fret not, you can restore it simply by using aluminium foil and salt. Run your iron hot (with no steam) over the salt placed over aluminium foil. And voila all the grime will stick to the salt!

Problem Area #7: The blender

Your blender can help you whip up smoothies, shakes, soups, and chutney so this kitchen essential needs its own cleaning ritual. Just pour hot water into the blender and add a few drops of dish soap. Turn on your blender and make the scum disappear!

Problem Area #8: The Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is dirtier than you think. And just washing the carafe isn’t enough. Cleaning it up regularly will also make the coffee drip more quickly. All you need to do is ‘decalcify’ your machine simply by using white vinegar! Fill the reservoir with vinegar mixed in water. Run it through half a cycle. Turn off and let the machine sit for 30 minutes. Complete the cycle and clean off by running a water only cycle.

Problem Area #9: Burnt pans

The sorrows that a burnt frying pan bring are profound. But the stains won’t stay long with this hack. Fill the pan with water and add vinegar to the mix. Place on the burner and bring the pan to boil. Most of the scum should have come off. Empty the fluid and scour as normal.

Problem Area #10: Carpet stains

The unexplained stain on your carpet that seems to change color like the Ghost of Canterville can be banished by our very own kitchen champion- baking soda. And if the stain is stubborn enough, add vinegar to it and rub.

So now you have your cleaning hacks mapped out to keep your home and utensils clean and healthy.

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