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Eye Talk: Here’s Something Which Must Be Known To Improve Eyesight

Blame These For Declining Eyesight              

The eye is one of the most important and at the same time sensitive body organs. Weakening eyesight is one of the foremost signs of aging. However, a number of factors have been responsible for deteriorating eyesight in youngsters too. Here are some of such factors which are responsible for declining eye health of an individual.

  • Smoking:

    It is a killer and heavily affects eyes it can result in improper blood circulation, add toxins to blood and a leads to the decline in oxygen content in blood. Gradually it leads to vision impairment in an individual.

  • Smartphone:

    Long chats and browsing is something that most people are addicted to and it may continue long at night, in dark. But it is suicidal for eye health. Staring at smartphone screen for a long time, especially in dark can cause dryness in your eyes leading to a number of serious consequences for eye health. A number of studies have been conducted

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    across the world to find a link between increasing population of people with poor eyesight and smartphone users. It had been found that most of the people have the habit of using their smartphones late at nights. Smartphone lights are too intense for eyes and when one stares at their smartphones for a long time it directly affects their eyes resulting in poor eyesight and at the time other serious consequences.
  • Bed time TV:

    Lights emanating from television can also have a detrimental effect on eyes. People who have a habit of staying up late till night too and watch television often are found with eye soreness, eye itching and often experience eye dryness.

  • Eye drop overuse:

    Frequent use of eye drops can lead to irritation and in the long run affect eyesight.

  • Improper diet:

    A balanced diet is a secret to healthy living and healthy body parts; eyes are no exception for this. Lack of balanced diet doesn’t give your body the required nutrients for proper eye health and causes poor eyesight.

  • Excessive eye makeup:

    The high content of chemical in makeup and cosmetic products for eyes are a potent source of irritation in eyes. It can also interfere with eye health and cause weak eyesight.

  • Lack of sleep:

    Sleeping for eight hours is essential for overall good health. It allows the body to rest and repair. Sleeping for less than this time or lack of proper sleep for a long time may affect eye health leading to deteriorating vision.

    Effective Ways To Improve Eyesight

    It is imperative to take charge of eye health before it begins to deteriorate. However, there are some effective ways which can help one regain eye health. Here are some of the ver effective ways to improve eyesight.

    • Yoga is a major breakthrough in eye care. Yoga has been very effective in treating a number of health issues – regular and even complicated ones. Some specific postures of yoga can rectify the odds which have affected eyesight and significantly help in restoring eye health. Simple exercises help of relaxing the nerves which supply blood to a different region of the eyes. Proper blood circulation would boost eye health leading to restoring eyesight. Yoga is a solution to many health issues and eye health is a major concern for most, especially at the present time. The long term effect of yoga is seen as a sustainable cure for some of the most difficult health issues among which eye health is one.
    • Food nurtures body and even heals it. Certain foods like salmon, tuna or similar oily fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids; eggs, beans, nuts, spinach, collard and other leafy vegetables are great for food for good eyesight. Fruits like orange and other citrus fruits are the potential source of good health for eyes. Snacking on almonds is also a good idea to bless eye health without any additional effort.
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      diet for eye sight

      Dairy products like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese are great for supplying the required amount of vitamin A, mineral zinc and other nutrients to the body. Unhealthy eating habits are a major reason for declining eyesight for most people in the present time. However, making minor changes by including these can significantly improve eyesight.

    So with proper food, simple exercises and making slight changes in your everyday schedule, you can easily have healthy eyesight.


    Weak eyesight is one of the most common types of health risk that the present population, across the world, is facing. Health experts and leading healthcare organizations point towards increasing pollution, exposure to gadgets and indiscriminate intake of unhealthy diets as some of the major causes for bad eyesight. Taking care of eyes have become all the more important in such a scenario. This article thereby helps in forming an understanding of the underlying causes for such a state. At the same time, it provides easy and effective ways to take care of eyes and ensure to gradually improve eyesight.
    The beauty of the world is denied to those without vision and at the same time, they are saved from the curse of witness gory sight resulting from human animosity. But people who can see but gradually losing their vision are at risk or losing one of their best gifts. Poor eye health is one of the most common problems that most people are found to be affected with.

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