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Side effects of cosmetics : The dark side of the moon

Of late there have been many instances of people reporting about rashes, allergies and different types of skin ailments due to excessive usage of cosmetic products. Looking good has become important than ever before and this has been pushing people to use makeup and other cosmetic products on a regular basis. As a result, more and more people are often suffering from the harmful side effects of cosmetics. Here are some of the most common and worse side-effects of excessive usage of cosmetic products.

  1. Headaches:

    It could be the shocking but excessive usage of cosmetic products can make one lose her sense. It has been found that most cosmetic products do not only contain chemicals but even some components that can make one lose consciousness. People having chronic headaches like migraines are highly susceptible to get affected.

  2. Eye infection:

    Often chemicals are used to intensify the darkness of eye makeup commodities like kajal. Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs and when it comes into contact with harmful chemicals it may cause glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and even eye discoloration.

  3. Acne:

    Cosmetic products, especially when used regularly tend to get deposited on one’s skin and clog the skin pores. This disturbs regular escape of secreted oils and moisture from beneath the skin. Since the pores are clogged, it creates a pressure and results in acne outburst. Wearing makeup for a longer time may also expose an individual to acne.


    Side effects of cosmetics

  4. Lead poisoning:

    Often the excessive amount of lead and mineral oil are used in lipsticks to make lips look glossier. It can be swallowed which may reach your digestive system and further other body parts. It can cause brain damage and even other behavioral issues.

  5. Cancer:

    It has been found in a number of studies that, in worst cases, excessive use of chemicals in cosmetics can cause cancer.

damage in face skin layer

Effects of cosmetics on skin

People who regularly use cosmetic products are found with dry and dull skin. Cosmetic products may change the look for some time, however the effect is hazardous and may even cause detrimental effects on one’s health for a long time.
Frequent usage of makeup forms a layer on your skin which further interferes with your skin and steals its natural glow. So be careful! 

To sum it up!

Cosmetic products have become an intrinsic part of not just a cosmopolitan woman’s bag but also for a regular girl. This indicates towards the pressing need of the hour to look good, possibly in shortest possible time. For this what better than nice makeup?
Makeup and cosmetic products have been hailed as a game changer for improving or modifying one’s look. Not everyone is blessed with sharp facial features. For those who are not, makeup and correct use of cosmetic products can do the needful and even more than that. However, excessive usage of cosmetic products can seriously harm an individual. This article elaborates how and what are some of the common chemicals to be blamed.

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