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Curing depression at home

Signs and symptoms of depression

Feeling sadness is a normal part of life. But it is when you start feeling intense despair and loneliness is when you should be concerned. Depression changes the way you behave and feel. Often, there is no apparent reason behind these changes. Sometimes, it can be triggered by stress or lifestyle changes. It is noteworthy that many people often fail to display any symptom of depression. Let’s look at some of signs of depression.

  1. Inability to focus

People with depression often face difficulty in concentrating as their  attention span gets impaired. They are often unable to recollect information and can get easily distracted during conversations. This inability can impede their ability to work efficiently and can also cause breakdown of family relationships.

  1. Constantly thinking negative thoughts

People with depression are often overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and frustration. They also become unhappy and miserable with their indecisiveness. They also get easily agitated or confused.

  1. Sleeping problems

Most people who are depressed experience problem falling asleep or staying awake. Depressed men are more likely to suffer from insomnia while depressed women often tend to oversleep.

  1. Feeling debilitating pain

    Weight Fluctuation

Often people suffering from depression experience chronic pain and fatigue. They suffer from headaches and feel soreness in their arms and legs without any underlying medical cause. Depressed people often feel sluggish and dizzy and are low on energy.

  1. Weight Fluctuation

Depression leads to appetite changes and hence unexpected weight loss or gain.

Home remedies for curing depression

Depression has no one treatment. Different people respond to different forms of treatment and suffer from different degrees of the illness. Some people experience just one episode of depression their entire life.  Others may suffer from chronic depression that makes them feel that their depressive thoughts are just how they are.
There are various psychological therapies and your doctor may also prescribe antidepressants to you. But, in order to make your recovery speedier, we have a list of organic remedies that you can apply at home to keep depression blues at bay.

  1. Reach out to friends and family

Being isolated or lonely fuels major depressive disorder. During the course of your battle with depression, you must reach out to your trusted friends and family for emotional support and advice.


Feeling depressed


  1. Make changes to your diet

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables is always a healthy alternative. It makes you feel healthy and better about yourself.

  1. Get a sleep schedule

Depression can throw your sleep cycle in a loop with some people finding it hard to even get an hour of quality sleep. The thing to do is to set a daily sleep time and wake up time and adhere to it. In order to be able to fall asleep, you have to first minimize all distractions such as phone, TV, or laptop. Then you need to pull back all curtains and blinds to ensure no light can enter. Taking a warm bath can help. You can read our article on the effects of bath salts for some tips.

  1. Exercise

Depression often reduces your physical activity. It is important to engage your mind and body by doing yoga or taking a brisk walk. You should gradually increase the amount of exercise you do so that it slowly gets assimilated with your routine.

  1. Engage in a new hobby

Make sure that you make time to unwind and enjoy. This can be through learning something new like playing an instrument or by simply reading a book. You should find an activity that helps you relax.

  1. Avoid drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can hinder your progress and in fact, delay your recovery. It would be advisable to cut down on stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine as these can aggravate the symptoms of depression.
Always remember that you are stronger than your depression and with these home remedies and your doctor’s help, you will soon be on the path to recovery.We all feel a little down or sad at some point in time. But those who suffer from depression experience such thoughts constantly along with self-loathing thoughts about their self-worth. They eventually end up withdrawing from their loved ones and are unable to care for themselves. Depression makes it difficult for you to live your life the way you used to.

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