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Fiber essentials!

What is the predominant ingredient of your food? You don’t need to visit any special store to find it. Nature has already packaged it in great abundance in the form of green vegetables, fruits etc: Fiber! Fiber-rich foods have been considered good for health since time immemorial. 
 There are many scholars who have observed a gradual migration of people from their conventional food habit to the popular Western diet. According to them, as western food comprises of foods low in fiber, the people embracing it suffer from a host of illnesses. 

Health benefits of fiber:

Why exactly do we need fiber?  Fiber is a form of carbohydrate which does not get dissolved by enzymes in the small intestine. Its sugar units are not dissolved into the bloodstream. So, it helps in the formation of stool. Besides this, researchers have found that fiber-rich food help in regulating the blood sugar level in the body. Along with this, it also reduces the chance of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, hypertension, breast cancer and so on.

Interaction of fiber with the human body

Nowadays, scientists are opting for more effective tools for the better understanding of the interaction of fibers with the body’s basic system. They have found that fibers play a vital role in enterohepatic circulation. Till now it is a very little known system of the human body. Actually, if anybody does not ensure enough intake of fiber, the bile secreted by the liver, instead of being led out of the body, repeatedly disseminate in the system and thus becomes intensive in toxin which may, in turn, lead to a lot of diseases.

Functions of Fiber

Fiber benefits

Top natural sources of fiber:

Let’s focus our attention on the top sources of fibers:
If anyone makes a habit of taking cooked split beans of just one cup, therefore it has to be kept in mind that he/she is ensuring a consumption of almost sixteen grams of fibers to his/her body.

Whole grains:

It is commonly known by all that oats are very rich in fibers. It features a lower glycemic index. This means that it is easy to digest and takes less sugar from the digestive zone. Therefore, it further keeps one’s energy at a steady level and minimizes surplus hunger.


If one has a less time for taking a meal while in office, then he/she may opt for one such easy alternative, fruits because eating fruits assists to affix both insoluble and soluble fiber which safeguard better blood sugar balance and make the amount of cholesterol lower in blood.


Though nuts are a very popular natural source of fiber, one needs to be careful about taking too much of it as there are some kinds of nuts which contain fat.

Common And Easy Kitchen-Friendly Source Of Fiber:

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, there are some other easy sources of fibers which one may instantly find in his/her kitchen cupboard. They are as follows : 
If anybody is still outraged with sticky brown pasta, take a deep breath. Pasta has gone through a lot of changes and has improved a lot. They are widely available in the market offering wide range of variation.

fiber in pasta

Fiber-rich food.

While browsing the stores, it can be found that nowadays most of the supermarkets stock a giddy array of bread which mainly offers a whole grain combination. These whole grain bread are comparatively richer in fiber than their white bread counterpart.

To sum it up!

As most people are busy in today’s world, it is possible that they are unable to give attention to their bodily needs. If anybody disregards this issue of consumption of nutrients day by day, he/she is surely inviting a gradual decay to the health. Fiber is one of the most important nutrients which can be seen with great importance in this regard as it helps to run the overall mechanism properly.

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