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Deceptively healthy foods you should avoid!

Have you ever consciously thought of the things that you eat during the day? What did you have for breakfast? For lunch? What will you have for dinner? Whatever you have had, it is quite possible that the some of the food items are deceptively healthy. The food that you are consuming seems healthy, but actually isn’t! The market is flooded with this type of so-called nutritious food. These types of food are actually bad, and consuming them would bring harm.
Here’s a list of food items you thought were super healthy but actually aren’t!

1) Breakfast cereals

Choosing a breakfast cereal requires some prudence. Some cereals might be too sugary and too fatty. In this way, they are not healthy.Choose your breakfast cereal by looking at the ingredients first and then the nutritional information.If the first-mentioned facts are fat, carbohydrate, energy, and sugar then these are present high in quantity, these cereal packs should be avoided.   

2) Energy bars

Energy bars are loaded with sugar. This is the reason behind their sweetness. However, these bars are not healthy, many being high in saturated fat. Avoid having them whenever possible! 

3) Fat-free foods

When it comes to getting energy, fat plays a better role than carbohydrates.If a product is fat-free then probably it is loaded with carbohydrates. This makes it worse! Get rid of ‘fat-free’ foods.

4) Juices

You squeeze an orange and you think you have received all the nutrients, don’t you? Nope! The moment you take out the juice, you leave behind a lot of other important stuff right inside the pulp. This primarily include roughage, the indigestible part of the food that travels through the digestive system, absorbing water along the way and easing bowel movements.The next you wish to have vitamin C, consume the orange completely! 

5) Gluten-free foods

Gluten-free food items making you think that gluten is bad for you.Well, that case is true only if you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Gluten belongs to a family of proteins, and its benefits should not be overlooked.
There could be many other food items lurking around under the good books, which are actually harmful.Some food items are just processed in a way such that their usefulness degrades.This is how a nutrient potato turns into a large pack of fatty chips and a protein filled corn is lavished with butter to be served as popcorn.
Avoid these items and go health and fresh. Good health starts with good choices made by you!

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