All about Witch Hazel !

Witch-hazels are a genus of flowering plants.These superb winter-flowering shrubs are known for their long flowering of between four and six weeks. They are beautiful, spidery flowers that exude a sublime, somewhat spicy fragrance. Their colors range from pale yellow, orange and reds and even purple.
These plants help in producing an astringent compound from the leaves and bark with the help of steam distillation. An astringent substance is a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues. found in many fruits such as blackthorn, Aronia chokeberry, chokecherry, bird cherry, quince and persimmon fruits, and banana skins. Some other astringent agents include alum, acacia, sage, yarrow, witch hazel, bayberry, distilled vinegar, very cold water, and rubbing alcohol.

Witch Hazel cures these skin ailments!

  1. Minor bleeding
  2. Skin irritation
  3. Fixing psoriasis
  4. Fixing Eczema
  5. Insect bites
  6. Poison Ivy Rash
  7. Reduce swelling and soothe wounds resulting from childbirth.
  8. Bug bites
  9. Puffy eyes.
  10. Removal of makeup
  11. Painful sunburns soothing
  12. Removing excess oil deposits in the skin and to clean pores by dissolving any debris.

Hence, we see that Witch Hazel continues to provide many beneficial uses and one can just be amazed as to find a new use! Give Witch Hazel a try next time for any of your skin ailments. We are sure it will cure your skin problems as soon as possible!

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