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Foods that cause pimples to explode on your face!

Yes, pimples are the most annoying of all skin problems. If the bumps aren’t enough to stress you out, the scars take longer to fade away! So it’s always better to prevent pimples rather than working on it after the breakouts occurs. We don’t realize that often but one of the most significant contributors to this problem is the food that we eat. It’s not mere a quote that what we eat reflects on our face and body!
Although there isn’t any significant scientific proof behind the relation between food and pimples and every individual reacts differently to different food items, the food item mentioned below are definitely established to apparently cause and increase breakout:


Milk is known to spike blood sugar. It is a high glycemic index food that increases insulin secretion into the blood. Science tells us that high insulin levels encourage an inflammatory response, in turn triggering the release of acne-promoting hormones.


Milk for your skin troubles!

Cheese is yet another high Glycemic index food that triggers breakouts.


The main problem causing ingredient in bread is Gluten. Before moving any further let’s know what exactly Gluten is. Gluten is a mixture of two different proteins present in cereals that provide the elasticity. Other than the fact that a lot of people have Gluten insensitivity, it in general causes inflammation that leads to breakouts.


Bread can cause problems for your skin!

Caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol –two of the most common beverages across all cultures are actually not good for your skin. Drinking alcohol and caffeine increase cortisol hormone secretion- the stress hormone in the human body. And stress in itself is a big trigger for acne. If that wasn’t enough, caffeine is also known to promote the spread of acne on your skin! Check out this amazing guide on 25 Side Effects of Caffeine.

Caffeine and aloohol cause skin problems

Caffeine and alcohol can increase your skin problems dramatically!


This name must be the most heartbreaking for you but eating chocolate disperses a number of acne-causing hormones from your brain. High sugar content in chocolate is another factor that wrecks havoc on your skin.

Delicious, lovely chocolate

As delicious as chocolate can be, it can also cause problems for your skin

Canned food

Canned food is high in sugar. Additionally, they contain preservatives and chemicals that are very harmful to the skin. They promote sebum production and trigger inflammation in the body.

Canned foods for great skin

Canned foods can affect your skin greatly!

Healthy cereals

Though whole grains aren’t high on the glycemic index, most of the ready to eat breakfast cereals are in fact highly refined and processed. They are thus high on sugar content and lead to glucose spikes in blood. It should be known that blood sugar spike not only leads to acne but also triggers wrinkle-inducing hormone.

Chips and fried items

These items are very high in refined carbohydrates. Refined carbs damage skin collagen and aggravate acne breakouts.

French fries

Fried food items are always the culprit!


The bottom line is that sugary drinks and beverages are very unhealthy for your skin. A high content of dissolved carbon dioxide and fructose are extremely harmful to your skin.

Soda drinks

Coca-cola and sodas always increase pimples on your face!

Soy products

Though soy products like soy milk and soybeans are very well reputed in the health industry, they could be responsible for acne breakouts. Reason- they contain isoflavones. Isoflavones are water-soluble compounds found in legumes that have similar effects on our body as the hormone estrogen has.

Soy products

Soy products although are healthy can also cause skin problems

Spicy foods

Food that contains a lot of spices, especially red chili increase body’s heat index and increases the sebum production by pores of the skin. That’s why one experiences a lot of breakouts after eating very spicy food.

Hot spicy foods!

Hot spicy foods bring up pimples quite fast!

Bottom line is that high GI(Glycemic Index ), spicy, sugar, refined carbohydrate food are the most aggravating and causative of pimples. Removing the food items based on this knowledge one at a time can help you ascertain what exactly works for you; as aforementioned that not everybody reacts the same to a particular food item.

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