Here is how Savasana changes your life!

Asana has been there for a very long time and has been favored by the masses.Now you see the world doing yoga day and night, whenever there is time. Some find it easy and others find it a very boring thing to do. Of all the asanas, one is the savasana.This asana is done at the end as it is responsible for closing the session. If practiced for 5 to 20 mins, this asana also known as the corpse pose is the easiest to do yet the most difficult to master.This makes one know that the art of relaxation is harder to achieve.
If you are just pondering over its usefulness, then know that there are really amazing benefits it can offer.

  1. It changes the mind

Savasana causes the sensory stimulation and the external distractions to be minimized.The result is a calmer and fine-tuned mind.You can feel your mind processing less of body and more of thoughts.If you are having a headache, then just lie down and do the savasana pose and you see a headache is gone.It greatly reduces the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Helps in reducing fatigue and lowers blood pressure.When performed before sleeping, it improves sleep quality.

   2. Gives rest to the body

The asana requires you to lie down without any movement.The result is minimum use of muscles and least skeletal tension.This consciously relaxes the body.Surface tightness melts away and exposes deeper layers of stress in the muscles.Body’s breathing becomes regular and the heart beats at a very efficient pace.

   3. Spiritual Aspects

Savasana provides an opportunity to explore the fifth limb of yoga, which is the pratyahara.This helps in gaining mastery over external influences.

How is savasana done?

Lie on your back, legs spread at 45 degrees, eyes closed and the breadth deep.The whole body needs to be in total stillness with eyes being closed and a deep inhalation and exhalation.The main role of the asana is to scan the body for tension of any kind and then releasing it with intention as it is found.
The asana is released by slowly deepening the breadth and flexing the fingers and toes.Exhale, bringing the knees to the chest and rolling over to the side in a fetal position.After a slow inhalation, a seated position is taken.
To gain the benefits of savasana, try this pose whenever you have free time. We are sure you will definitely appreciate the results you get out of the Savasana.

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