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Easy beauty tips for you to write down

Everyone wants to know the latest in beauty tips and know how to bring out the best in your own natural fabulousness.
From how to make the best of your clothes, to useful workout techniques that won’t make you complain so much, easy beauty tips are the best and quickest way to hack your daily beauty routine into an even more effective one, making you look and feel your best self.
To let you know on some of the best beauty tips (or hacks) out there, here we give you a sweet list of a few of these great lessons:

Dress Zipper

We always have that issue of not reaching the zipper at the back of our dress, right? You never seem to reach it and you don’t always have somebody to help you zip it up. To aid this issue, grab a long string and pull it through the hole of your zipper. Put on your dress, hold on to the string attached to it, and easily pull the zipper right up your back.

Annoying Threads

Every once in a while, you’ll have one annoying thread sticking out of your sweater. You can’t think of a way to get rid of it without ruining your poor sweater so what do you do? Grab a bobby pin, loop it with the thread and just as if you’re sewing, thread it into the sweater again and problem solved.

Ripped Tights

It can get really annoying to be wearing a brand-new pair of tights and have them latch on to the first corner they find, making a long and ugly rip on your leg. Forget these worries next time. Get any good hairspray and, while wearing your tights, spray all over them. This will stick the tights to your legs seamlessly and avoid any rips during the day.

Grow Your Hair

To get good hair growth quicker and effectively, using a small travel bottle mix equal parts castor oil for rapid hair growth, avocado oil for nourishment, and coconut oil as a conditioner. With an old mascara wand, dip it inside and apply the homemade oil on your hair roots. You can even use it to help grow out your lashes, eyebrows, and beard!

Blackhead Remover

If you don’t want to go through the painful strips and don’t have the money for any special masks, you can still make your own at home blackhead removing concoction. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of gelatine with one tablespoon of milk. Heat it in the microwave for 1 minute and after letting it cool slightly just so it won’t burn you, use a small makeup brush to apply it on the areas of your skin with blackheads. Wait for a minute and then peel it off, removing the pesky blackheads from your skin.

Exercise in Bed

If you think you’re too lazy to get out of bed and do a workout, then don’t and simply work out right there. Lying sideways on your bed, grab your pillow and put it between your feet with knees bent. Lift your knees to your chest and pass the pillow to your hands and drop both your arms and legs till your body is nearly straight, again without letting go of the pillow. Pass the pillow back to your feet the same way you received it and continue doing this for 30 seconds and soon you’ll get a hard belly.
Try out these beauty hacks without the hassle of any ordinary routine. They’ll make getting ready more fun and getting fabulous easier.

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