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Yoga poses for lazy people!

Every morning, that alarm clock knocks us right out of bed. In this day and age, before even getting out of the bed, we reach for our phones and start checking emails, already stressing about the day’s task. Instead, try starting your day with a yoga routine to energize your body.Yoga is a natural way to settle your mind and ease your muscular tension. So, leave your mat rolled up in your yoga bag and before hopping out of the bad, follow this sequence to warm your muscles and gently wake up your mind.Be sure to move pillows and bulky comforters out of the way so you have a flat, safe and comfy surface to stretch on.

Happy Baby

Perfect pose that doesn’t require a lot of effort, but offers a wonderful stretch for your tight hips and lowers back.Lie on your back, bend the knees and hold onto the outside edges of your feet with the hands. Try gently, using your upper body strength to pull the knees towards the bed. Stay in the position for five deep breaths and then relax.

Happy Child Pose

Ananda Balasana can help you attain a healthy body


An amazing for the people with the tight lower back as it provides a stretch to your legs.Lie on the back, hold onto your big toes and stretch your legs wide apart as much as you can. Keep your head and the shoulders relaxed on the bed. Again, stay for five deep breaths and relax.

Straddle Pose

Straddle Pose strengthens the core and gluten muscles


Reclining Big Toe

This pose increases the flexibility in the hamstrings as well as strengthens the cores.Lie on the back and lift your left leg into the air. Lift your torso off the bed and hold onto your big toe with the first two fingers and the thumb of your left hand. Hold on to your ankle or calf if you are unable to reach your toe. The core is engaged when the torso is stretched. Rest the torso on the bed if you want a more relaxing stretch. Stay for five breaths, change the side to the right and after that relax.

Reclining big toe

Reclining big toe is a great asana for your back problems


Half Wheel

Spine and shoulder flexibility is increased with the Half wheel method. It also tones the thighs as well. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet planted as close to your butt as possible. Press into your feet and shoulders; lift your hips into the air supporting your weight by placing the hands on your lower back.Enjoy the position for five breaths.


Ardha Chakrasana for lazy people

Knees to Chest

Lie on the back, bending the knees into your chest and clasping your hands around both shins. Gently pull down to increase the stretch in the lower back and nod your head from one side to other.Relax like this for five breaths.

Knees to Chest Pose

Apanasana for lower back pain

Spinal Twist

It always feels amazing to do the twist. Cross your knee over your torso to the right and extend your right leg to the floor. Do all this while you are on your back. Extend the arms out in T position and turn your head to the left.Try using your abs to lift your knee back to the center. Hug both knees in and then switch sides.Relax five breaths on both the sides and then hug both your knees into the chest.

Spinal Twist

Spinal twists for lazy people


If you want a simple workout for your hips and lower back, then butterfly pose is the best.Sit with your knees bent and the soles of your feet joint together. Straighten your spine out and fold forward over your legs. At the same time, rest the hands on your feet, knees or on the bed in front of you. Stay like this for five deep breaths and then sit up.

Butterfly pose

Try Butterfly pose for improving flexibility


Pigeon pose is essential for opening tight hips and hip flexors.Bend the right knee and extend your left leg behind you. Gently arch back while placing your hands on your hips. Relax more by folding your torso over your front leg. Place your arms on the bed and rest your head on the forearms. Repeat, by changing the sides after five breaths.

Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose for strength


This pose feels great on your back, chest, and abs. Lie on your belly, placing your forearms in such a way that your elbows are underneath your shoulders. On being comfortable, lift the elbows off the bed.Keep your hips resting on the bed and gently press your chest away from the hands. Actively roll your shoulders away from ears, elongating the neck and watch towards the ceiling to deepen the stretch.Stay for five breaths and then lower your torso back to the bed.

Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana for a strong spine


Another pose for increasing the flexibility of the spine and also offers a great stretch for tight shoulders.While lying on your belly, bend both knees, reach your arms behind you and hold onto the ankles. Use your leg muscles to press your feet back and give a height to the torso.Hold the position for five breaths and then release.


Try Dhanurasana for maintaining good posture

Child’s pose

Child’s pose is the last pose and is a practical definition for relaxing. This pose allows you to bring your awareness inward and also releases tension in the lower back.Bend your knees; sit on your heels with your shins resting on the bed. Fold your thighs forwarded relax completely with the arms relaxing by your legs or extended in front of you.Hold for as long as you want, gently sit up when you’re ready to come out.


Balasana is the easiest yoga asana

We hope that you have learned a lot with these amazing poses. Try to follow them and reap the health benefits of these ancient techniques!

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