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Increase your bone power naturally!

Strong bones are a blessing. They protect our vital organs and are also a storehouse for RBC’s. Healthy bones also decrease the risk of developing arthritis, osteoporosis, or inflammation.
A large percentage of the Indian population suffers from the adverse effects of weakened bones. The reason could be lower exposure to the sun. A lack of vitamin D rich foods in our diet.  Two nutrients- vitamin D and calcium, in particular, are necessary for building strong bones. We provide you with the knowledge on how to make your bones strong naturally.

Calcium and the role it plays in bone development

Calcium is stored in the bones and is necessary for the functioning of the heart, kidney, and liver. It helps our nerves in sending signals to our muscles. It also helps in clotting of the blood. Getting insufficient calcium is the primary cause why people develop brittle bones and osteoporosis.
Here is a list of foodstuff that is rich in calcium-

  1. Fish

Just as our bones store calcium, fish bones also store calcium. The next time you eat sardines and mackerel, remember that not only are you gaining from the fatty acids, but also boosting your calcium intake.


Good for bones!

  1. Milk  

It is known as the complete food and provides you with nearly 30% of your daily calcium. Milk and milk products like cheese constitute a vital part of your daily calcium intake.Get milk fortified with vitamin D to get added benefits.


Milk for your bones

  1. Eggs

The whites of eggs help in counting calories and supply protein while the yolk is rich in calcium.

  1. Green vegetables

Veggies are not only high in the water content and low in calories, they also add the much-needed calcium in your diet. To get the most benefit and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and fenugreek. Fenugreek vegetables also supply vitamin K, a mineral needed for our blood. Most green vegetables also contain vitamin A which helps in improving eyesight.

  1. Oranges

Not only are these juicy fruits filled with the goodness of vitamin C, they also contain calcium. You can have oranges in the form of juices or squash too!

Vitamin D- the bone builder

Our body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food. If your diet has insufficient calcium, the body needs to call on its calcium reserves in the bones for getting its supply of the mineral. This, in turn, weakens the bones.
Vitamin D in its active form is called calcitriol. It acts as a protector for your bones. Sunlight is abundantly rich in vitamin D. When the sun’s rays fall on our body, it makes its own vitamin D. But there are certain foods like yogurt and milk that can add vitamin D to your body.


Vegetables for bones


Habits that weaken your bones

High level of sodium (found in salt) and excess protein can lead to the removal of calcium by the filtering action of the kidneys. In the case of lowered calcium, try to reduce salt intake. Lactose intolerance can also lead to calcium deficiency but that can be countered by eating other calcium-rich foods.  
Bone health is also sometimes affected by two closely associated vitamins- magnesium and phosphorous. If the levels of these two nutrients fall, it could lead to an imbalance of calcium in your body.
Good, healthy, strong bones are a blessing for life! Ensure that you invest time and energy in achieving healthy bones. If you invest now, you will be rewarded with excellent bones that will support you well into your old age.

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