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Top 5 products for all your hair requirements!

Having good hair is like a possession.  Hair is an important part of anyone’s beauty. Good hair always enhances one’s beauty. Although maintain hair is quite a bit of a task. There may occur a number of problems related to hair.  Hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, hair straightening, graying of hair is some of the most common problems. All these problems damage hair a lot. But if proper care is taken it can be solved too.  These problems can easily be taken care of with some simple tricks and hacks. Let’s solve all these hair issues at home with some of best organic products. Using organic products are always safe as they do not contain any harsh chemical. Also, these are easily available at every household. Here is our list of 5 hair products for your hair requirements.

Hair Fall

 This is the most common problem faced by everyone. Hair fall can be a cause of many internal imbalances. However, 80 to 100 strands of hair fall naturally every day. But when the amount increases, the actual trouble occurs. The easiest way to reduce hair fall is to use Methi seeds or Fenugreek seeds. It is a rich source of vitamin and using regularly this can reduce hair fall to a great extent.  Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. The next day, boil this seeds with one cup of coconut oil. Let it cool and apply this concoction twice a week for best results. 5 hair products for your hair requirements.

Hair Thinning

 Now this one is a  problem seen mostly after the age of 30. However, with the increased amount of pollution, even the young ones suffer from this problem. There may be a lot of brands available in the market that promise to increase the volume of hair but most them go in vain. To the rescue, onion juice is a great option.The magnesium and iron of potatoes help to regrow hair and also make them thicker. Blend a small onion into the mixer to get the juice. It can be directly applied to the scalp. Following this method once a week up to a month will fetch great results. 5 hair products for your hair requirements.
Hair thinning solutions                                                All of us desire great hair, but hair thinning can be a real problem


Who likes that white dust on t-shirts and tops?  Undoubtedly no one. Dandruff is something which takes a lot of time to away.It can occur not only during winter but in other seasons too. Though there are many good shampoos available in the market, using an organic product is always beneficial for us. Lemon juice is the only ingredient that has the power to remove dandruff very easily. It is also very easy to use and is a household must. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice into water and use it as the last rinse for hair. The acidic nature of lemon ensures that there is no more dandruff. However, keeping the scalp squeaky clean also keeps dandruff at bay. 5 hair products for your hair requirements.

Hair straightening 

Straightening hair is quite in vogue in these days.  But doing all these heat treatments damage hair at great length. It leads to hair breakage and makes the hair rough.  But straightening can be done at home also with aloe vera gel. Pure, freshly squeezed aloe vera gel can make hair straight. Apply directly aloe vera gel on damp hair from mid-length to the ends. The hair should be damp and not fully wet. Then make a braid and leave it overnight. You will wake up with straight hair without using any heating tool. 5 hair products for your hair requirements.

Grey Hair 

 This is the most annoying of all problems. It changes the whole look and makes one feel very uncomfortable. Though hair colouring is an option, it is a temporary process. For longlasting effect using natural products is always advisable. Indian gooseberry or Amla juice is very rich in vitamin C . It helps to make the hair more black. It is a time taking process, but it is worth trying. Amla is very affordable. Boil the few gooseberries and take out the juice out of it. Apply it twice week on the scalp mixed with any hair oil. Within two months, the results will surprise you. 5 hair products for your hair requirements.
So now all these hair issues are sorted. Get all these ingredients at home and use accordingly. Flaunt that gorgeous mane with elan!

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