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5 beauty myths unveiled!

Myth 1: Cucumbers remove puffiness around the eyes

5 beauty myths unveiled! : We’ve all heard the same beauty myth over and over again: Cucumbers help depuff your eyes. But does it really work? According to aesthetician &Global Creative Director, Cornelia Zicum, it’s true–thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties like Vitamin A and C. “Cucumbers also provide a brightening effect, making them a great home remedy for dark circles.”  This is one 5 beauty myths unveiled by The Aanya !

Are those eye bags disturbing you? Get cucumbers!

Cucumbers are super useful in helping reduce eye puffiness!

Myth 2: Switching up of shampoos is necessary, else they will stop being effective.

We thought this old wives’ tale was just a ploy conjured up by sneaky marketing execs but turns out we were wrong! “The hair definitely builds up a resistance to the same product over time,” says Renee Cohen, hairstylist at The Serge Normant John Frie.  This is one 5 beauty myths unveiled by The Aanya !

Does switching up your shampoos affect your hair quality?

Switch up your shampoos!

Myth 3: Shaving hair causes it to grow back thicker and faster

For (most) ladies, shaving your legs is an inevitable part of the beauty routine. And although your wish to get silky, smooth legs, that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, when you drag that razor across, you’re cutting the hair at the thickest area–the midshaft. According to Zicu, this causes the hair follicle to grow back in the form of stubble, which comes back stiffer and larger.  This is one 5 beauty myths unveiled by The Aanya !

Thicker hair and shaving. Whats the connectio?

Does shaving your hair allow for a thicker hair ?

Myth 4: The addition of mayonnaise to hair will make it shiny!

Be honest, how many of you have slapped some mayo on in hopes of getting shiny, lustrous hair? (My hand’s raised.) Jason Low, hairstylist at The Serge Normant John Frieda Salon, says to think twice before reaching for the white condiment. “The acids within (mayonnaise)–vinegar, lemon juice–will certainly close your cuticle scales on the hair shafts and allow a smoother surface for light to reflect off of,” he says. “However…there are so many products out there that will do the job without resorting to turning your hair into a sandwich.  This is one 5 beauty myths unveiled by The Aanya !

Hair care and mayyonaise?

Should you grab that bottle of mayonnaise for your hair?

Myth 5: It’s is possible to shrink the sizes of your pores

If you come across a product that claims to shrink your pores, beware. “Pore size is genetic, so we can’t do anything to physically shrink the actual size, but you can minimize the appearance of the pore by exfoliating skin at least 3 times a week,” says Zicu. “This will help get rid of all bacteria that is clogging pores from makeup.” This is one 5 beauty myths unveiled by The Aanya !

Large pores becoming smaller is a great thing!

If your pores can reduce, that is a gift of god!

So, as you can see, here was our list of top 5 beauty myths that have been perpetuated since time immemorial. We are glad to have cleared out some of them for you! Hope you liked this article: 5 beauty myths unveiled.

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