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Reduce facial scarring with these techniques!

Almost everyone has acne at one time or another in life. Acne is a skin condition that can cause pimples such as, whiteheads and blackheads to appear on the face, chest, back, neck, and shoulders. A majority of teenagers have acne for 5 years. However, for others, it clears up faster!  Not only teenagers go through acne, but women that did not experience acne during puberty can also get acne in their twenties and thirties. 
When the acne disappears, it leaves acne scars on the skin. Who likes scars and that too on the face! Getting rid of acne scars is a little tougher than eliminating acne actually. Natural treatment of pimples can occur. Many ingredients have anti-inflammatory/antibacterial properties. We hope you like these techniques for facial scarring remedies.

Do’s and Don’ts for acne!

If you have acne, keep your hands off the infected area :
Don’t play with acne. Don’t pick/squeeze acne. When you have acne, intense inflammation on your facial skin exists. Also, there is the loss of collagen. Collagen is the protein fiber, one of the components of skin which gives skin its elasticity. When you pick on your pimples, it can lead to further inflammation of the skin. It also leads the bacteria and pus in your pimple go deep down into your skin resulting in more loss of collagen which means even deeper scars on your face. Moreover, if you expose them to the sun, their healing process will slow down and the scars will get darker. So, avoid the sun. If it’s essential to go out in sun, use sunscreen to guard your skin and also cover yourself with hat, umbrella or clothes. 

Lemon juice for acne

Lemon is a natural bleach. Vitamin C in lemon helps in rebuilding collagen. When you use lime juice on your acne scars, the spots get lighter day by day. Lemon juice is an excellent skin lightening agent. The acid in the lemon juice helps in the brightening of the skin. This also helps in making scarring less visible. It can, in fact, fade away freckles and lighten the dark scars faster. Not only scars, if you have swollen pimples, lemon juice can help reduce its redness too. Take a fresh lemon. Squeeze the juice out.  Apply this juice directly on your scars with fingertips or a cotton ball, leave it for ten minutes and wash it off with water. Do this once a day repeatedly for two to three weeks. You will be able to see a change in the scarring.  If you want, you can also mix honey with your lemon juice to make it some more effective in reducing the acne scars. We hope you like this technique for facial scarring remedies.

Honey for acne scars 

Honey is also capable of treating acne scars. Apply honey on the scars and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of honey with a ¼ cup of oatmeal. Apply this mixture gently on pimple scars. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. This helps in diminishing acne scars quickly and honey also soothes the skin. We hope you like this technique for facial scarring remedies.

Solve acne issues with honey!

Watch the power of honey unravel with your acne problems!

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera, not only soothes swollen skin but also helps in regenerating damaged tissues boosting the healing process. It’s better to use fresh gel-like substance directly from the aloe vera leaf than to use other products or creams containing aloe vera. Take an aloe vera leaf and peel its outer green cover. You’ll see a gel-like substance beneath its green outer cover. Use this gel for your scars.  Leave it for about half an hour and then wash off. We hope you like this technique for facial scarring remedies.

Show your skin some aloe vera love!

Aloe vera love!

Olive oil

Olive oil can be said to be the most skin friendly oil because it contains a whole lot of vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil also help remove acne scars. Take some olive oil and massage your face with this. Focus more on the pimple scars. Massage for a few minutes until the time you can feel that all the oil has been absorbed by your skin. Now take a clean towel and dip it in warm water. Apply the warm wet cloth on the face to receive steam. Wipe away the excess oil gently with the cloth. After 1-2 minutes, wash off your face with normal water. We hope you like this technique for facial scarring remedies.

Get olive oil for great looking skin!

Olive oil for smooth skin!

Baking soda

Baking soda is another popular remedy for removing acne scars. It’s exfoliating effects are very useful for acne! The gentle coarse granules of soda mixed with water remove the dead skin layer off your face without any inflammation caused during the application. Mix baking soda with water and gently massage the mixture on your face mainly on the scars. Leave the mixture for a few minutes, then wash the face with warm water. We hope you like this technique for facial scarring remedies.

Try baking soda for your acne, You won't be disappointed!

Baking soda can also help with acne

The remedies for acne scars are very effective, without any side effect. Therefore, we must try these remedies to get a clear and smooth skin.

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