The perfect nail polish for the winter season

With the chilly winter season coming on, your nail polish should seem appropriate for the holidays, shouldn’t it?
Just like keeping up with the best seasonal trends means changing up your outfits every once in a while, updating your nail polish colours should also be included in the task. Since nail polish brings an extra sweet touch to your hands, with the winter season you will eventually want to take off your gloves or mittens when you go to a party and show off your spectacular nails.
So, giving a change to your nail colour should be just right with the wide variety of nail polish currently around. From deep dark rich colours to sparkly cold hues that bring out the festive and cosy feeling this season brings, picking your next nail polish will be one adventurous project.
To help you decide the perfect shade for your nails, here we bring you a list of great nail polish for you to try out for the winter season:

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Darjeeling Darling

nail polish
This winter-themed shade mimic’s the pine colours of the season. With a warm and mossy green tone that has a matte finish, this nail polish gives a sense of festive and sophisticated at a time. You might want to keep wearing it even beyond the holidays just for its classy feel.

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish

nail polish
With such a striking black shade, your nails will look both badass and elegant. Deborah Lippman gives a colourful glitter finish for your nails that lets them look festive and naughty, perfect for the season.

Red Carpet Manicure Neutral LED Gel Nail Polish in Champagne Nights

nail polish
For looking glam and fabulous for all your holiday pictures, the Red Carpet Manicure will give your nails just that. With a shimmering champagne shade for your nails, this polish gives them an incredible shine that lasts up to 21 days without chipping.

Surya Brasil Exotic Animals Nail Polish in Gold-Faced Lion Tamarin

nail polish
Though bronze shades may be risky to wear, this nail polish hits the mark. With a burnt, golden brown hue that looks as beautiful as you, it makes your nails look amazingly refined, making it a perfect colour for any fancy get-together.

Essie Nail Polish in Suit & Tied

nail polish
With such a sweet shade it can make anyone think you were on the nice list this year. This innocent pink hue from Essie is perfect for a casual meet or party, never giving anyone a sense of wrongdoing on your part.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Miss Independent

nail polish
A rich purple and red berry mix strike out in this polish. It gives out a sense of sultry class while enveloping your nails with cosiness using such a deep dark shade. It’s perfect to wear during the whole winter season, or for any other party, you get invited to after.
Take a pick from any one of these nail polishes to wear during the winter. They’re all striking colours that speak out the cosy beauty of the season, and the festive fun parties you’ll find yourself at while looking glamourous.

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