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How can you avoid stress during exams

The time has come to face the biggest threat of all: exam day. Now is when you normally start to feel that stress during exams that you had been dreading this whole time.
But don’t be afraid. If you know you have been preparing for your exams, you will be able to do your best. Fearing stress during your exams does not have to mean the end of your future. 
Remember that you are going to do your best and work your best no matter the outcome. Your wellbeing comes above everything else, and no outside pressure, fear or stress should impede you from being well and ready to take your exams.
To help you out and beat that stress, follow these pieces of advice so you can fight through your exams to the max of your abilities:

Be Aware Of Yourself

It can happen that we may slide into a state of anxiety in the middle of an exam. You must try to be aware of yourself during this time, so you can be sure to complete your present task and not start saying “I can’t” before trying.
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If you notice that you’re unable to continue answering and you don’t know why, see if you have trouble concentrating, have a dry mouth, nausea, headache, or cramps.
Should any of these be the case, be aware that you are in a state of anxiety. As such, be ready to bring it down before it gets any worse.

Breathing Is Important

When you’re slipping into anxiety or can’t concentrate because of the stress during exams, remember that breathing is important.
Take a slow deep breath through your nose and pause your breath for 2 seconds before slowly exhaling through your mouth. Repeat this several times until you begin to take control of your anxiety.
Another technique is to close your eyes, inhale 3 times and hold your breath. After a moment, exhale calmly and enjoy it. Again, you can repeat this as much as you want until you start feeling better.

Move On From Difficult Questions

Since you are giving a certain amount of time to finish your exam, you don’t have the liberty to waste it by second-guessing yourself. If you find a question that is too difficult for you or that you can’t figure out now, move on to the next one.
But remember not to lose track of time, and when there are around 10-15 minutes left of exam time, revise your work and do the question you left behind with a calm demeanour

Give Your Body Some Motion

It’s good to keep your blood circulation flowing even while taking the exam. This will help in avoiding any stupor and release any pent-up stress during your exam.
Stretch your arms and legs, move your shoulders, even chew gum if your professor doesn’t mind. It will do you and your muscles good to release the heavy tension already present in your body and mind.

Never Be Afraid To Ask

If you have any doubts during the exam, don’t be afraid to ask your professor for some help. You won’t lose anything if you do and it’s always best to understand what you must do instead of just winging it as you go. The professor might not give you an exact answer but the release of pressure from this distraction can help you continue your task.
asking questions
Taking exams are terrifying, it’s a well-known fact. But you shouldn’t be frozen with fear at the prospect of them. Dealing with stress during exams will help you do your best and eventually succeed in them, so all that challenging work you did for studying will be put to good use when you apply your knowledgeable mind to the task.

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