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Great makeup tips for people with dry skin

Each season brings its own challenges and trying to put on makeup with dry skin is more of an avoidable quest when you need to go out with the freezing winter weather.
The dry air does its best to suck out the moisture from your hands, hair, lips, and face. From chapped lips to having that flaky dry patch around your mouth for no reason, applying makeup is the last thing on your mind.
But regardless of having to sacrifice your beauty to beat the winter cold, there are ways to bring out your makeup bag into action even with dry skin. Here at the Aanya, we bring you some well-advised tips on how to succeed applying makeup and help your dry skin survive the bitter cold season with ease:

Liquids and Creams

dry skin foundation
Look for liquid or cream foundations that contain oil when buying makeup, so they can help if your skin is prone to flaking or having dry patches. You can also get a tinted moisturizer which is like a sheer foundation, always remembering to use a regular moisturizer beforehand. Or use a beauty balm (B.B. cream) that provides a hint of coverage and contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B which are good for dry skin.

Heal Your Lips

To hold up your lip gloss and moisturizers, exfoliate your lips once a week with a homemade mixture of sugar and honey. It will get rid of the dead skin and hydrate in the meantime. Also, for dry skin, avoid matte lipstick and long-wearing formulas. Use lip gloss or sheer lipstick, as they will help your lips look and feel refreshed.

Avoid Powder

Unless you get that greasy shiny complexion on your forehead, nose, and chin, you don’t need to wear powder. If your skin is already prone to flaking, avoid dry products that might just make it worse.


If after a couple of hours of applying makeup you notice it begins to flake, it could be that you have a build-up of dead skin. It’s important to remove that dead skin layer and hydrate the new layers beneath. Add to your weekly skin care routine a gentle face exfoliant and remember to moisturize your face daily.

Creamy Moisturizer

Dry skin produces very little oil in general, so using a good moisturizer is essential to keep it hydrated. Instead of using regular lotions, use moisturizers that have a thicker cream meant for dry skin. Look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid which will help the skin retain moisture and keep it hydrated.
Use these makeup tips to keep your dry skin hydrated and well throughout the winter. No matter the bitter cold outside, and how chapped your lips may become, you’ll be able to beat off the dry air and still look fabulous.

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