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Best makeup tips for people with rosacea

Having rosacea is never a pleasant thing. Your cheeks get an extra unwanted red tone with the visible blood vessels and annoying acne-like bumps that appear on your skin.
Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition, usually when broken capillaries show up beneath the skin of your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.
Because of this, applying makeup can be a hassle in both trying to cover the rosacea and preventing it from getting worse.
To help out with this little issue and bring your makeup creations to life, here we leave you some makeup tips for dealing with rosacea:

Soothing Skin

For any makeup and skin care routine, you always have to start off with a clean face. For face washing, look for products that have helpful ingredients such as niacinamide and ceramides that are anti-inflammatory and combat the redness associated with rosacea.

Primer for Redness

When you’re about to begin your makeup process, start with a neutralizing green-hued primer. It will help visually correct any redness and even out the skin tone. Also, use one that has UVA/UVB protection that will shield skin from exposure that could potentially make the rosacea worse.

Use Some Corrective Makeup

For people who have moderate to severe rosacea, using cover-corrective makeup can be a good option. Cover-corrective makeup with UVA/UVB formulas can provide sun protection and conceal many types of skin imperfections in a wide variety of tones.

Mineral is The Way to Go

Mineral makeup can be an appropriate choice for skin with rosacea since it has less a chance of having irritating ingredients, and many come with formulas that are made specifically for correcting the redness on the skin. Use mineral powder as a protective base instead of foundation to help hide the look of redness better or simply dust a little of it over the foundation to do the same.

Be Gentle on The Eyes

For those with symptoms of ocular rosacea, it is particularly important to use eye products that are made for sensitive skin. Eye makeup that is ophthalmologist tested, allergy-tested and fragrance-free is ideal for people with rosacea. Also, use eyeliner and mascara that can be easily washed off with warm water, and mineral powder eyeshadow in neutral colours which will be less irritating than stronger tones as they have less pigment.
Using these bits of makeup advice for rosacea-prone skin will help deal with the redness and decrease the chances of irritating your skin more. Taking in mind the ingredients used in the next batch of cosmetics that you buy and the colours that you choose them in will allow you to deal with rosacea and freely apply makeup as you see fit.

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