Makeup Expiry Trends : Insights

Women love using makeup! It makes us glow and makes us look beautiful! Who wouldn’t love such a thing? However, makeup expiry dates exist. So, have you wondered, how long does your makeup last? The answer is – No!  Makeup lovers keep buying different makeup products from the market, however they forget that just like old food items are bad for health, similarly, old and expired makeup products can be fatal to your skin’s health. It can cause pimples, acne, skin irritation and also can lead to skin cancer. So, let’s have a quick look at the makeup expiry dates for the different components of makeup.

  1. Foundation- Foundation, as the name suggests, acts as the base of our makeup. It is one of the most important steps in our makeup routine.  An expired makeup base is the last thing one wants. A foundation should be used for a year and not more than that. The moment you start noticing blotchiness in the foundation, it should be thrown away as soon as possible.
  2. Mascara Bat those dramatic lashes, and let them do all the talking for you! A mascara is must have in everyone’s kit. But, sadly enough, a mascara does not last more than six months. It starts clumping and actually weighs down the lashes. Also, as the mascara is used very near to the eyes, it should be thrown away within six months to prevent any kind of eye infection.
  3. Lipsticks Among all the makeup products, lipstick is the most overused one. As difficult as it is to throw your lipstick away, it is a must once the expiry date is over. Lipstick can easily enter inside your mouth. This can be a cause for diseases. The best time to get rid of the lipstick is after two years of use.
  4. Powder-based products  Any powder-based products such as compact, translucent powder, bronzers, highlighters, contouring powders ideally last for more than two years. Due to certain components in these powder-based products, they last a little longer than the other ones. The moment the powder based start flaking off, you should time to place them in the garbage.
  5. Perfumes Perfumes are definitely long-term investments. But the good things always come with their own benefits. Perfumes actually last for eight to ten years. That’s a long time, no doubt. So do not step back from investing in a nice fragrance. But a word of caution-  if the color of the perfume starts changing or it starts smelling bad just throw it away!

Now with the right knowledge of makeup expiry, feel free to use your favorite products to the most and declutter your makeup vanity with ease!  Get rid of the old and buy the new!

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