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Want to have plump, red lips? Try these simple yet effective natural home remedies

It is no brainer that smile makes one look beautiful and if you are blessed with pink lips then it can be the icing on the cake. Many girls dream to have soft and plump, red lips but they don’t have the finances or inclination to try costly injections and fillers. So, what can be the solution? Worry not, besides fillers or injections there are other methods to get voluptuous lips. There are many natural solutions in Ayurveda that can help you get plump, red lips. And some of them are as follows:

Sugar, olive oil and lemon mixture 

Sugar and olive oil can prove to be beneficial for your lips. First of all, take a bowl of sugar and add olive oil and a few drops of lemon to it. Massage your lips daily with this mixture. Then wash it with water. Use this scrub once or twice a week. 

Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliation is necessary for the body, face and lips. This removes the dead cells of the skin and helps in the formation of new cells. Mix honey and a spoonful of brown sugar in a bowl. Rub this mixture on your lips for 3 minutes. This will help you get soft and plump, red lips. 

Lemon and Honey lip mask 

Take lemon juice and honey in a bowl and prepare a mixture. Now apply this mask on your lips and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water and apply a natural lip balm. You can use it daily to see better results. 

Honey and lemon for lips

Honey and lemon can be used as a natural remedy to get pink lips

Coconut oil

If your lips are dry, apply coconut oil on them before and after bathing. This will add plenty of moisture to your lips that prevent them from getting dried, hence maintaining the natural colour and texture of the lips.  

Pomegranate and milk cream

Take a pomegranate and dig out all its seeds and crush them. Now mix these crushed seeds with cream and make a paste. Then apply this paste on your lips and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Rose petals

Soak rose petals in milk overnight. In the morning, strain the milk and grind the petals. Add one or two drops of milk to the powdered petals. Now apply this paste on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water.

Rose petals massage for pink lips

We can use rose petals for getting pink lips.

Aloe Vera

Take aloe vera leaf and take out the gel from it through a spoon and keep it in a bowl. Then mix a few drops of olive or coconut oil and prepare the mixture. You can apply this mixture like lip balm. You can store this mixture in the refrigerator.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your lips moisturized is essential for healing dry, and chapped lips. If you also want to keep your lips pink, then drink enough water. Because the lips won’t look attractive if they are chapped.

Make your own lip balm

You can make your own lip balm by mixing 1 tablespoon beeswax with 3 tablespoons coconut oil. You can add a few drops of essential oil to this mixture if you like. Pour this mixture into an old lip balm container and let it harden before use. 

Make natural lip balms

You can make your own lip balm at home by using 2-3 ingredients

So, these were some of the easy and home-made tips for getting plump, red lips. However, there are many lip balms and creams that are available in the market, but it is better to try Ayurvedic home remedies to get pink lips. 

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