6 beauty myths to be broken!

6 beauty myths to be broken!

  1. MYTH:   Use mascara to the last drop. 

TRUTH: That precious mascara you have? Toss it out every three months! Germ issues aside, mascara formula can dry out, resulting in suffering performance. To get the lushest, silkiest lashes, keep that tube fresh. Drugstore mascaras are outstanding for those who don’t want to splurge on something used for a short time. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Use mascara for your beauty concerns

Mascara needs to be handled carefully!

      2. MYTH:

Rub your perfume into your skin after you spray pulse points.
TRUTH: The rubbing action crushes and corrupts the fragrance. Instead, spray on your neck and wrists and let dry for 30 seconds. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Use perfume carefully

Perfume should be used for carefully!

     3. MYTH:

The best way to spray perfume is to spritz it in front of you and then walk into the mist. 
TRUTH: Even though there is no specific rule about how perfume should be worn, this is actually not the best way to apply your fragrance. Walking into the mist will only make your clothes smell rather than you. It will also inevitably lead to oily stains on your clothes, which often prove difficult to remove. Perfume is actually formulated to sit on your skin, so the best place to apply it is to your pulse points to make it last all day. You could also pop a spritz just behind your knee and on the back of your ankle – you’ll then get to enjoy your own fragrance as the scent wafts upwards when you walk. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Spray perfume carefully

Perfumes should be sprayed carefully

      4. MYTH:

Foundation should be matched to your jawline, forehead, cheek or anywhere on your face.

TRUTH: Foundation should actually be matched to your neck as it is representative of your true coloring. Not only will this prohibit a line where your foundation ends and your neck begins, but the shade will look more natural. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Foundation needs to be used carefully

Face foundation needs to up to your neck. not more than that.

         5. MYTH:

You should wash your hair every day.
TRUTH: Washing hair strips natural oils, making hair more brittle and dry. Shoot for 3-4 times a week, workouts permitting. I found that my hair became less greasy the less I shampooed as time went on. In the meantime, dry shampoo can really save the day. Spray on dry shampoo and wait five minutes for it to “activate”. Then work through your hair with fingers or a blow dryer. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Hair brittleness will increase with hair washing

Hair washing every day can increase brittleness

        6. MYTH:

Concealer will only accentuate the under- eye darkness.
TRUTHUse a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation to disguise under-eye darkness.  Concealer should always match your skin color. It’s become a trend these days to wear a lighter concealer, but that on the assumption that you don’t have dark circles. If under-eye darkness is excessive, you’ll want to try a ‘color corrector’ to neutralize the discoloration. We hope this beauty myth was cleared for you. 

Eye darkness can be removed with conceal

This is super useful hiding your facial dark eyes

We hope you found this article to be highly useful!

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