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How well do you know your hormones?

Hormones play a major role in human life as they regulate most of the day to day bodily functions. Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body. They carry messages from the brain to the body organs. Most of the hormones are named after the gland which produces them. Hormones are stored only in the gland in which they are produced. If hormones are insufficient or surplus, it can lead to hormonal disorders. By the time a human being turns 50, some of the hormone levels are less than 25% of the original level.

Let us a have a look at some of the lesser known hormones in our lives :

  1. Histamine:

    Histamine is produced by regulating physiological function in the gut and local immune responses. Secreted by basophils, it plays a role in gastric secretion by helping to influence the production of acid in the stomach. Our body balances the amount of histamine in circulation and strives to maintain a proper balance all the time.

  2. Enkephalin:



    It is a pain regulator and stops pain signals in the spinal cord. It acts as a natural painkiller. When a human being is injured, the pain caused travels to the brain passing through the spinal cord and the brain releases enkephalin. It also helps in the psychopathological behavior, in rare cases.

  3. Ghrelin:

    This is also known as “Hunger Hormone”. It is a hormone produced by stomach cells that play a major role in increasing the human appetite. Ghrelin levels are balanced by food intake. To control this hormone, one must take plenty of proteins in his/her diet and should take plenty of rest/sleep. Dieting should be strictly avoided and weight should be maintained at a stable level.

  4. Dopamine:



    This hormone controls the heart rate and also assists in recognition of what is fake and what is real. It is the molecule behind all our secret desires. Lack of this hormone will lead to uncoordinated movements of the body. Food items such as fish, chicken, eggs, beans, and cheese. Some of the drugs that also affect the dopamine level are Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and painkillers.

  5. Serotonin:

    This hormone is the reason behind the moody swings in teenagers. It controls your mood, sleeps cycles and appetite. Mostly found in the digestive system, it is responsible for sending signals between your nerve cells. It is considered as a natural mood stabilizer and helps in eating, sleeping and digesting. When this hormone is at a normal level, you feel happy, calmer, focused, less anxious and more emotionally stable.

  6. Orexin:



    Discovered in 1998 by rat brain searchers, it is also called hypocretin. This hormone increases your alertness and energy levels, but, on the other side, also increases the appetite. It has been discovered that it activates a protein known as HIF-1, which is known to stimulate cancerous tumor growth.

  1. Aldosterone:

    This hormone is responsible for regulating sodium in the kidneys. It originates in the adrenal gland. It raises the blood pressure and lowers potassium in our body. Activation of this hormone takes place when there is a decrease in the blood flow to the kidneys, following a drop in blood pressure. It indirectly regulates blood levels of electrolytes and helps to maintain the blood pH.

Hormonal balance is of great importance as any small or large change in the balance can cause great health issues. Due, to this, we, at The Aanya feel, people should be well informed about them. Hope you had a great time reading !

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