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The ‘not so pretty’ effects of hair coloring

Life is too short to have boring hair, isn’t it? With a million advertisements plus your favorite Bollywood stars luring you into going crazy with your hair once in a while, it can be quite difficult to stop yourself from dyeing your blue! We don’t blame you at all! A majority of us have monthly appointments with hairdressers to get our hair colored. As fun as hair dyeing sounds, one should be aware of the side effects of hair coloring.

The more you dye your hair, the more likely it is to be damaged. If you are constantly doing it, one day you will see its bad effects.  Hair coloring, the overall texture of your hair changes over time.

Negative effects of coloring your natural hair

 1. The ammonia used in hair dye serves to lift the hair cuticle up. The hair dye color has to penetrate the hair cuticle. In order to impale through the cuticle, it has to be lifted up. The cuticle is not meant to be lifted. The lifting of the cuticle causes hair damage.

Hair dyeing experiments can go horrible wrong in terms of your hair strength!

Dyeing your hair has consequences! Get to know them before your experiment goes wrong!

2. Peroxide wrecks your current color. To get the desired hair color, you have to get rid of the current hair color. Peroxide plays a role in the breakdown of the regular hair pigment. It also dries out your hair and damages it. 

3. Hair dyeing makes asthma worse for those who suffer from asthma, due to the presence of per-sulfates. Continued inhalation of these chemicals can lead to lung inflammation. 

4. When the chemicals from your hair dye make contact with your eyes, it leads to the user getting pink eyes. It also causes inflammation and pain.

5. Lead acetate is a common substance used in hair dyeing products. We advise individuals to not dye their hair during pregnancy as Lead Acetate can play a role in causing problems for the fetus.

Precaution is better than cure. Do you really want to spend your money on damaged hair? Why not prevent this problem?

Here are some ways of preventing hair damage due to hair dyeing

Hair damage can be avoided with great professional help!

Get your hair colored by a pro to avoid hair damage!

  1. Get your hair done by a professional. Many things can go wrong if you try to dye your hair on your own.
  2. Never color your hair in a poorly ventilated and/or a poorly lit room.
  3. Try not to use permanent hair color. Instead, opt for semi and demi-permanent hair colors.
  4. Always conduct two tests before getting your hair dyed. One is the patch test and the second one is the strand test. By patch test, you’ll get to know about possible allergic reactions. The strand test will let you know that whether your hair is healthy enough to dye.

Everybody loves and desires healthy hair. It’s in your hands to maintain healthy hair. Get your hair colored with the help of a professional, not an amateur. With a professional, your hair will be healthy and safe. Step back and feel great with lustrous beautiful hair!

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