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Facials- For glowing skin !

Facial is a type of skin treatment that is used to clean and add a glow to your face, removing dead skin cells and dirt. It involves various steps like exfoliation, massage, steam, among others. The steps that form a part of facial are briefly discussed below:

  1. Steam: The use of subjecting your face to vapor is to relax your skin and help it soften so that blackheads and whiteheads can be easily removed. However, this step is skipped if your skin is over sensitive.
  2. Exfoliation: This is done in order to rub away the surface dirt.
  3. Extraction: This is basically the extraction of unwanted blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. It can be a bit painful if not done properly but is mostly an easy process.
  4. Massage: After the proper cleaning of your face which ensures the removal of dead skin cells and dirt, you undergo a massage with specialized strokes. This tends to stimulate the blood circulation on your skin and revitalize it, while also at the same time giving your skin the much-required relaxation.  
  5. Mask: After the completion of the massage, a mask is applied on your skin. What mask is chosen, depends on your skin type and the requirement of your skin. The mask is allowed to sit o your skin till it dries off, after which it is wiped off with the use of a dab cloth or moist cotton balls
  6. This is then finally followed by the application of toner, moisturizer or sunscreen lotion, as the case may be.   

Facial techniques

Though this looks like an extremely professional treatment, it has now become possible to carry out facials even at home. There are various home remedies for facial masks which include ingredients that are easily available are easily available in one’s kitchen and a lot of sites will tell you about facial mask recipes. But here we shall tell you about the facial techniques which you can try and which will add that extra professional touch top your glowing skin, even when you have done it at home. Some of these techniques are:

  • Tapping your forehead, like you would tap a drum, only with your fingers rather than sticks, is a good way to increase blood circulation, and also the pressure helps relieve stress and anxiety. Remember to do it in an upward motion though
  • Tapping around your mouth also helps. It relaxes the muscles, just like smiling would do, and also increases blood circulation. It tends to relax your jawline furthermore. The increased blood flow adds a curious glow to our face.
  • Try limiting the massage to not more than twenty minutes, though 15 minutes is also sufficient
  • Pinching or tapping lightly around your throat helps.
  • Mostly, only two or three fingers are used for massaging and it is done in an upwards direction. This prevents your skin from becoming saggy and sluggish.

If your skin looks sluggish, dull or dead, a facial is what you need and guess what, you don’t even have to rush to a salon for that now!

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