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Dandruff woes

Dandruff is a problem most people suffer from.  Reports show that across the globe about 40% of men and over 60% of women suffer from this problem. Its after-effects include irritation in scalp, itchiness, headaches, hair fall, dry and dull hair, and much more.

What do they do?

Some discard it as a mere, insignificant nuisance. They have much better work to do than paying unnecessary attention to something as petty as their hair. However, it is important to know that good hair is a sign of one’s health. Those who realize the importance of getting rid of a harmful condition like dandruff can opt for one of the below mentioned:

  1. Get under the strong and appealing influence of misleading sources of ‘hair care’ remedies and end up causing more problems while solving one.
  2. Visit a trusted saloon or specialist to understand their hair concerns and the actual reason behind the developments of the above-mentioned condition.

The latter, in this matter, is the wise one.

Clear defense treatment

Therefore, while the specialist may prescribe them to try out natural and organic remedies like the use of natural oils ranging from Emu, Coconut, Castor to Almond, or taking the aid of other organic ingredients like dairy products including yoghurt and milk, in case of subtle rise of scalp’s flakes, scalps suffering to a more severe extent may be advised to choose a more specific and instantaneous method- one such as the clear defense treatment– to cure dandruff once and for all!

Helps with all hair types

Suitable for all hair types, the clear defense treatment is a chemically crafted, yet, an undoubtedly renowned Ayurvedic solution against dandruff. A strong and withholding barrier against the itchy white flakes, the therapy provides necessary nourishment and cleansing to the scalp.
To go into the depths of this matter, dandruff is a problem which arises due to accumulating layers of dead skin cells over one’s scalp. Therefore, clear defense treatment has all the necessary ingredients to exfoliate hair follicles for better blood circulation that, in turn, would discourage the death of scalp cells. In fact, regeneration of beneficial, newer skin cells is also promoted, which further aids growth of fresher, luscious hair locks to add volume and shine!

Revitalizing the ozone mechanism!

Moreover, this treatment uses a revitalizing ozone mechanism, which induces cellular antioxidants that are essential to neutralize free radicals and improves oxygen supply for again, a better blood circulation across the scalp. For this process too, non-greasy hair tonics are used, to preserve hair’s shine and glaze without reducing its texture and strength.
Therefore people who suffer, ignore or dwell over the layers of growing dandruff over their otherwise healthy scalps must keep a check on this. Here’s an exemplary solution awaiting your attention, so that you can finally choose to not worry, suffer or dwell over the said problems that it, in turn, may cause. The clear defense treatment awaits your response- so it can finally prove its worth by eradicating any signs of unhealthiness or dullness over your head and later, maintain its defense!

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