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Best foods for amazing mornings !

As you heard before for one’s health, morning breakfast plays a major role. The first food we eat as the day begins should be as healthy as possible. As we starve for the past 7-8 hours before we eat something in the morning. Our body waits to absorb the first incoming food and hence it is a must to put that food nutritious.
The next time when you rush out the door without something in the morning to eat, remember that eliminating breakfast can make you overeat later in the day.
It would be better if we have carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods are our breakfast or it is even better to avoid having breakfast than an unhealthy one.
Here is a list of our breakfast preferences


The protein which is available in the eggs is good to speed up the metabolism of your body. Eggs as a breakfast make you feel satisfied and help in burning calories all the day long.


The potassium counters the bloating effect of high sodium food. It also retains and attracts water. Banana which is rich in potassium can be taken alone or in oats as your breakfast.


The antioxidants protect the heart health and help in decreasing the blood pressure. Oatmeal which is rich in antioxidants is the best breakfast up to date.

Green tea

Green tea with breakfast increases the metabolism as it contains catechins and EGCG. It improves the overall health of the body.

Fruit Salad

In order to have a breakfast which doesn’t make you feel hungry till lunch?  Then the best way is to chop the fruits of your choice add some yogurt to it. Adding honey is your choice. 

Greek Yoghurt

Need a breakfast rich in protein which is also nourishing, delicious and creamy? Green Yogurt is your answer
It helps in weight loss and appetite.


The crunchy nuts which are rich in potassium and magnesium as a breakfast option help in maintaining blood-sugar level and also decreases the inflammation.

Coconut water

Coconut water alone or with an additional fruit reduces the effort to make any breakfast. It helps in weight loss and also decreases the blood pressure.

Peanut Butter

Toast the brown break, slightly melt a butter slice on it and add some peanut butter to it. What else do you need if you get a mouth-watering protein rich breakfast? Homemade peanut butter makes it more delicious.

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