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Cold water bath – Paradise in a bath tub!

Who doesn’t love the charm of a nice cold water bath! A cold water bath is one of the best ways to end a busy day. Or start a day that you know is going to be long and hectic! Using lukewarm water is acceptable. Anything above 39-degree Celsius can have an adverse effect on your body’s physiology.
According to the ancient Hindu system of medicine i.e. Ayurveda, hot water can be used for cleaning the body and cold water for the head and face. Hot water is considered harmful for the eyes and hair. Unless you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, cold water baths are the way to go.

The Benefits of a Cold Water Bath

A cold shower may not seem to be a prerequisite for good health, but, you need to read on to see that just switching from hot to cooler water can give you numerous health advantages.

Push starts you in the morningbathing with hot waterCold water .. Brrr! 

A cold shower is known to stimulate your nerve endings, giving you a kick start in the morning. It also improves blood circulation making you alert and active. It accelerates your breathing rate and oxygen intake. It also helps fight laziness and makes you feel active and energized the whole day. That is why you are asked to splash cold water on your face when feeling sleepy. A case of ‘rush of blood to the brain’ for the Coldplay fans out there!

Improves your mood

Cold water baths are known to increase the release of depression fighting chemicals such as beta endorphin. It also lowers levels of the hormone nor-adrenaline, improving your mood. Cold water also decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol thereby alleviating stress and anxiety. Triggering cold receptors has a therapeutic effect. The power of cold water is such that a scientific technique called ‘hydrotherapy’ harnesses the power of cold water for treatment of mental illnesses.

Boost reproductive health in men

Cold showers also improve fertility levels in men as the testicles are situated outside the abdomen. The testicles have a lower body temperature than the rest of the body to keep sperm healthy. Cold water is also known to increase the secretion of the male hormone- testosterone.

Enhances skin quality

Cold water tightens the pores of your skin making it look young and radiant. It also reduced under eye puffiness and bags under your eyes.

Refreshes you from within

Cold water constricts blood vessels and thus makes the body conserve heat. Sending fresh blood to your brain and the other vital organs oxygenate them. The surge of fresh oxygen and nutrients will refresh you.

Improves your hair quality

Cold showers improve the quality of your hair. Unlike hot water which makes hair brittle and weakens them leading to hair fall, cold water moisturizes and conditions your hair.

Works on sore muscles

Unlike the prevailing notion that hot water can reduce muscle pain, many athletes swear by the benefits of cold water- ice cold water even for reducing muscle soreness and pain. It also reduces inflammation in your body. It is also a remedy for varicose veins as it causes the smooth muscles to contract.

Improves immunity

Cold water makes your blood vessels gather around your organs. It, therefore, makes your arteries pump blood effectively. This boosts your overall health and well-being. It also lowers your blood pressure. As a detoxifier, it removes toxic wastes from your body and clears blocked arteries. They also make the lymphatic system work better. It also leads to the creation of cells that work to fight infections keeping you healthy.

reduce sizeEnhances weight loss

Hard to believe but only taking a cold shower can help you in burning fat! This is due to the fact that cold water accelerates your metabolic rate and thereby your weight loss. So how about taking a cold shower to supplement your weight loss efforts.

The Final Verdict

There is no actual ideal bath temperature- that depends on the season, age, and if you suffer from any illness. Remember to take your bath slowly and gently so as to get the maximum benefit. Adding a few neem leaves to bath water can drastically improve its health benefits.

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